Pearl Oak Herringbone Laminate Flooring

Herringbone Laminate Flooring – 2019 Herringbone Flooring Range

Brand new for 2019, our herringbone laminate flooring range combines the beauty of herringbone flooring with the practicality of a laminate floor. Coming in six colours, it’s versatile in its design to fit into any home’s décor.

Speak to anyone about interior design trends, and herringbone wood floor will be at the forefront of many people’s minds.

Its distinctive pattern often comes in the form of real wood or luxury vinyl tiles. To make the options available to you even greater, we’ve introduced a brand new range of parquet laminate flooring in a desirable herringbone style.

Espresso Oak Herringbone Laminate Flooring
Espresso Oak Herringbone Laminate Flooring

The herringbone laminate range

The herringbone laminate flooring range is a tough and durable choice for fast-paced family homes. Here’s a brief rundown of what you need to know:

  • 8mm plank thickness
  • 133mm plank width
  • 665mm plank length
  • 23m² pack size
  • Moisture resistant
  • Real wood feel textured surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Eco-friendly
  • AC4 rating
  • 20 year residential warranty
  • Antibacterial coating


Our range of herringbone laminate comes with six colours to choose from. From the look of dark stained wood to a light and bright whitewashed style, there’s a design for you.

Bayside Oak

The golden tones of Bayside Oak flow through each plank of this herringbone flooring. Darker grains and authentic-looking wood knots create a simply beautiful laminate floor that ties together any design.

Elegant Oak

Elegant Oak is a lighter wood-style laminate flooring. It given a raw wood look that is incredibly popular in modern interiors. Rustic grains add character to a herringbone laminate floor that’s already eye-catching due to its pattern.

Espresso Oak

A dark brown palette with hints of caramel. Perfect for more traditional interiors, Espresso Oak oozes elegance through every edge of its herringbone design. If you’ve got a modern interior, this flooring suits minimalist contemporary spaces as well.

Palazzo Oak

Palazzo Oak features light brown tones to add a rustic warmth to your home’s décor. Although organic lines and knots are more muted in this flooring when compared to the darker Espresso OakPalazzo Oak is a cleaner and more modern laminate floor.

Pearl Oak Herringbone Laminate Flooring
Pearl Oak Herringbone Laminate Flooring

Pearl Oak

The light colouring of Pearl Oak creates a modern-looking herringbone flooring. The strong whitewashed style is complemented by grey and brown grains that flow freely across the floor’s surface.

Regency Oak

A beautiful brown surface features stunning grain patterns that enhance this parquet laminate flooring. Light coffee tones and deeper authentic-looking wood knots make for a floor that’s perfect for any décor.

Bayside Oak Herringbone Parquet Laminate Flooring Elegant Oak Herringbone Laminate Flooring Espresso Oak Herringbone Laminate Flooring
Bayside Oak Elegant Oak Espresso Oak
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Palazzo Oak Herringbone Laminate Flooring Pearl Oak Herringbone Laminate Flooring Regency Oak Herringbone Laminate Flooring
Palazzo Oak Pearl Oak Regency Oak
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How is it different to a herringbone wood floor?

People often think of real wood when looking for herringbone flooring. While this is its most common form, new technology allows us to bring you a herringbone laminate range.

Firstly, there’s the price difference. Laminate flooring is widely regarded as a cost-effective alternative to real wood. While there are cheap wood herringbone ranges, the price of our herringbone laminate flooring is significantly less than its real wood counterpart.

Bayside Oak Herringbone Laminate Flooring
Bayside Oak Herringbone Laminate Flooring

Our parquet laminate flooring is moisture resistant, whereas real wood isn’t. This means that our new range has a wider suitability in your home. It’s even suitable for installation in bathrooms!

Laminate flooring features a scratch-proof wear layer, which also features an antibacterial coating. Therefore, it’s perfect for busy family homes and even copes well in areas with heavy foot traffic. That’s why it’s been given an AC4 rating, as well as a 20 year residential warranty.

Maintaining your new laminate floor couldn’t be simpler. All it needs is a regular sweep and once-over with a slightly damp mop, or alternatively you can buy an all-in-one floor cleaning kit which makes tackling even the dirtiest of laminate floors a breeze.

How to fit herringbone laminate flooring

The fitting process of herringbone laminate is quite different from the installation of regular laminate flooring. The same can be said when comparing with real wood herringbone parquet.

Regency Oak Herringbone Parquet Laminate Flooring
Regency Oak Herringbone Parquet Laminate Flooring

Whilst parquet is often a painstaking and long process, our herringbone laminate flooring is incredibly easy to install.

As with many ranges of laminate flooring, our herringbone range features an innovative click system. This means that each plank simply clicks together in place, with no glue needed.

As well as reduced costs in buying your flooring, there are savings to be made when using a professional fitter. Installation takes less time due to its easy fitting mechanism.

If you’re opting for a DIY installation, and would like more information on how to fit herringbone laminate flooring, watch this handy video from Group THYS.

Why choose herringbone laminate flooring?

There’s an undoubted beauty to herringbone flooring; especially when you consider the benefits on laminate flooring, such as increased durability and lower costs.

When you combine the distinctive patterns of a herringbone wood floor with these benefits, then herringbone laminate can be a clear winner when choosing the right flooring for you.

It’s the perfect middle ground between luxury and cost-effectiveness. That’s why we’re so proud of this new range.

What next?

Order up to four free samples by checking out the herringbone laminate flooring range, or reach out to our helpful team for more advice. Simply call on 03308 088777, or email

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