Room Suitability for Wood Flooring

Before you lay your wood floor Part 1: Room Suitability

A wooden floor brings subtle elegance and instant style to a home. It isn’t a cheap purchase, and there are a few things you need to do and think about before you buy or lay your wood flooring, but don’t worry it’s pretty straight forward and our collection of ‘before you lay your wood floor’ posts will provide you with the key bits of information you need and help guide you on your purchase. First on the cards is looking at ‘room suitability’ and where you can safely lay a wood floor.

Where can I lay my wood flooring?


Maintain Solid Wood Flooring

How to Maintain Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring offers a unique combination of class, durability and character to its surroundings – making it one of the best flooring choices for a homeowner looking for a new floor. However, these dashing good looks and amazing characteristics of  hardwood floors need protecting from daily wear and tear and other environmental circumstances and require a little attention. The general rule of thumb for any solid wood flooring is: pay your flooring care and attention and your floor will reward you with years of stunning style and service.


Narrow or Wide Wood Flooring Planks

Narrow or Wide Planks?

A wood floor can change the aesthetics of your room with its beautiful and unique grain patterns and characterful look. Although the finish of a wood floor can affect the feel of the room, the width of the planks is also important to consider as this can change the look of a room dramatically. Wooden planks are sold in various widths from narrow 80mm wide strips to ultra wide 220mm boards – your choice can make a room look bigger, busier, cosier or even more relaxed so it’s important to know which width to go for to create the look you desire. Here we will discuss the look narrow or wide planks will achieve!

Species of Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring Species

The type of wood used for solid and engineered wood flooring can vary to create unique and interesting finishes. Although Oak is primarily the prime wood type used for wood flooring, there are numerous other different wood flooring species whose beauty and benefits can’t be ignored.

Here I will talk through some key facts about a few of the most popular wood types to help you understand the benefits of each one that little bit more.

Autumn Shades of Wood Flooring

Styling with Autumn Shades

It’s that time of year again, where a fusion of golden ambers and russet reds with their warm, glowing tones take reign over our landscape and there is a crispness to the air that brings an instant flush to your cheeks. There is nothing better than getting home after a day spent out in the cold and having the feeling of warmth embrace you. A wooden floor, with its varying accents of colour and unique grain patterns adds instant depth to a room and a general touch of luxury. Infuse the rich autumn shades into your home with a golden oak or an opulent mahogany wood floor and let the perception of warmth emanate around you.