Direct Wood Flooring in At Home Magazine with Sarah Beeny

Direct Wood Flooring Featured in At Home with Sarah Beeny Magazine

Keen readers of At Home Magazine will have seen our Direct Wood Flooring brand featured in this seasons copy of At Home with Sarah Beeny. Sarah knows a thing or two when it comes to interior design and how to make our homes look fabulous. Famed for her appearances on prime time TV shows including Channel 4’s Property Ladder, her property development skills proceed her – hence our excitement when asked to feature our Direct Wood Flooring brand in her latest copy.


Keep Wood Flooring Clean at Christmas

How to Keep your Wood Flooring Clean this Christmas

Wood flooring is one of the easiest flooring types to maintain however when it comes to Christmas cleaning we have a whole new ball game on our hands. Tree pines, fake snow and glitter just seems to get everywhere. Or what happens when you get a scratch in wood flooring? Family get-togethers mean you have more visitors than any other time of year so you have more muddy footprints to contend with too. How do we keep on top of our wood floors? This handy guide will help you.


Laminate Supreme Macro Oak White

Laminate Supreme Macro Oak White is our Flooring of the Week

Laminate Flooring Peaks Again

They say a picture speaks a thousand words well this customers home does exactly that. This gorgeous display of modern styling featuring our Supreme Macro Oak White Laminate range is right on trend. From the unique 3D cladding feature wall to the high gloss furnishings and stylish mustard tub chairs, the modern décor blends effortlessly with neutral flooring. This helps to create a stunning living area.


Halloween Decoration Ideas

Classy Halloween Decoration Ideas

Our last Halloween themed blog looked at how to protect your wood flooring when hosting a party, now we turn our attention to classy Halloween decoration which avoids the need to be so cautious. Step away from the silly string, gunge and other wood flooring horrors and think elegant, Halloween soiree. We all like to be a bit fancy now and again and if it protects our wood flooring along the way too, then we’re on to a winner!