What's the best type of flooring for pets_

What’s the Best Flooring for Pets?

As much as we love our furry friends there’s nothing more annoying than a lovely big scratch in our wood flooring or clicks and stains in the middle of our carpets. Not to mention the creative chew marks and finishing touches they love to decorate with – forget scotia and beading teeth impressions seem to be the latest trend! We can take precautions such as replant sprays, regular clipping of claws, prohibiting the over excitable word ‘walkies’, storing leads in a claw safe area and regular training, however it seems regardless of our efforts certain areas of our flooring have become accustomed to pet destruction. Knowing the best flooring range for pets is key to avoiding those costly replacements. So, what’s the best flooring for pets? In our opinion you can’t go wrong with wood flooring and here’s why…


Home Styles with Wood Flooring

Top 5 Home Styles Featuring Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is one of the most versatile flooring ranges on the market. From Modern to Traditional and Scandinavian design, it is renowned for the ability to blend effortlessly with décor and furnishings to really enhance your choice of styling. With a range to suit every budget, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect wooden flooring for your next home project. Here we look at some of our favourite home styles to see how wooden flooring can make a real difference to your home.


Where to fit laminate flooring

Where Can You Fit Laminate Flooring?

When it comes to variation of design and value for money, laminate flooring is one of the top flooring ranges on the market but how does it fair on room suitability?

Manufactured from a high density fibreboard and covered in a hyper-realistic decorative layer, laminate flooring has the ability to replicate the designs of the premium solid wood and stone tiles to a very high standard. The advances in modern technology means laminate has far surpassed its original designs with a huge array of quality patterns and styles to choose from.


Edwardian Home Renovation using Direct Wood Flooring Parquet

Edwardian Home Renovation Featuring Solid Wood Parquet Flooring

The varying home styling and unique designs created with our flooring ranges will never cease to amaze us! The use of solid wood parquet in this customer’s home does not disappoint. It’s such a popular wood flooring trend we’re seeing more and more of. We were astonished to see the transformation their 1911 Edwardian semi-detached property has undergone, with both internal and external renovation work and a whole host of hands-on DIY. The couple have been kind enough to share their transformation with us to inspire others with their exquisite style and periodic features!


Unfinished Parquet Wood Flooring

New Unfinished Parquet Flooring

Recent trends in Unfinished Parquet flooring have brought unique yet elusive designs to the flooring industry. This and the instant association with high-end interior has made parquet highly sought after by designers, property developers and now home owners. With trends in chevron and herringbone patterns being used to embellish our hallways, living and dining areas, it’s not just the design element which makes this range so appealing; there are many reasons people are looking to buy parquet flooring for their homes. The robust quality and impressive lifespan means parquet is great for high traffic areas. Whilst the ability to re-sand disguises those marks and scratches we tend to accumulate from heavy footfall.


Finding a Wood Flooring Fitter

Wood Flooring – Finding a Fitter

In order to pass on huge savings to our customers, Direct Wood Flooring do not offer a fitting service. Instead we provide an incredible selection of supreme quality wood flooring, laminate and luxury vinyl tiles and advise customers to seek the help of local professionals to fit the flooring on their behalf. As wood flooring specialists, we have picked up a few top fitting tips to share with you along the way.