Loft Natural Oak
Loft Natural Oak
Was: £12.99 /m²
£ 7.99 /m²
1376 mm
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Loft - Natural Oak Laminate Flooring
Loft Natural Oak provides an ideal combination of natural beauty, convenience and affordability in one. Created with an accurate wood effect design, the laminate floor offers a perfect alternative to more expensive and harder to maintain solid wood flooring.

The 193mm x 1376mm planks measure 7mm in thickness and come with an anti-bacterial coating that keeps germs and bacteria away from the floor, inhibiting their growth and contributing to a cleaner indoor air. Made with a premium quality HDF core, this environmentally friendly product is designed to last, to enhance the appearance of any décor and to bring peace of mind at the same time.
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7mm Thickness
7mm Thickness

Loft - Natural Oak Laminate Flooring boards are 7mm thick

2.39 metres squared Coverage
2.39m² Coverage

Each pack of Loft - Natural Oak Laminate Flooring will cover 2.39m² of your floor

1376mm Board Length
1376mm Board Length

Each board in every pack of Loft - Natural Oak Laminate Flooring is 1376mm long

193mm Board Width
193mm Board Width

Each board in every pack of Loft - Natural Oak Laminate Flooring is 193mm wide

Eco Friendly Creation
Eco Friendly
All our laminate floors are environmentally friendly as standard, with wood originating from sustainable forests
Antibacterial Technology
Antibacterial Technology
This laminate has been treated with an antibacterial coating
Certified AC3 Rating - Domestic/Residential Usage
AC3 Rating
Designed for home use in all foot traffic areas, including high foot traffic areas
20 Year Wear Warranty
20 Year Residential Warranty

This product comes with a 20 year residential wear warranty

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