Warranty Information

Relax knowing that your flooring can be covered by our warranty, giving you that piece of mind that in the scenario that you run into issues, we’ll help fix or replace the product if it cannot be fixed.
What’s included?
  • Manufacturer’s faults.
  • Tongue and Groove and Click System failures.
  • Delamination of our boards.
  • Faulty filler in our planks.
What’s not included?
  • Problems with the floor which occur because our installation and maintenance guidelines, have not, in our opinion, been followed.
  • Flooring which has been installed despite being obviously defective before installation. Any fitter, expert or DIY, who buys our products is obliged to check that flooring is suitable before installing. Wood is a natural product and whilst we will replace flooring which is delivered to our customer in a defective state, we do not guarantee a colour match of replacement materials.
  • Visual problems which have occurred due to normal wear and tear, denting through concussive use whether through footwear or other foreign or heavy objects.
  • Problems which occur through abnormal moisture or heat levels, staining or through flooding.

    Including the normal consequences of age such as fading due to sunlight.

  • Problems which occur because of repairs carried out other than under our guarantee and authorised by us.
  • Consequential costs and losses including other costs associated with re-installation and finishing. We are not obliged to pay more than the cost of the original materials supplied and fitted in total.
  • Claims on the Guarantee which we do not consider to be correct. If a floor has failed in circumstances where it has been installed and maintained properly and kept within temperature and moisture limits stipulated then we are generally happy to replace areas of failure. This happens in less than one third of one per cent of installations and only where there is actually something wrong with the product as manufactured. We will not replace flooring where in our opinion the problem is not due to manufacture, but to other circumstances which we have given fair warning of though our website conditions and which can be avoided by proper installation and use. All customers have their statutory rights which are not affected by this guarantee. Beyond those rights we are the ultimate judges of when we will and will not replace products and we retain absolute discretion in that regard.
How do I claim on my warranty?

We’ve made it straightforward to claim - simply get in touch with our customer service team here and they’ll guide you through the process of claiming and request information to help process your enquiry.

How will you remedy my issues that I claim under warranty?

After our expert team has been able to pinpoint the issue in your case, we will try and keep upheaval to the minimum and replace single planks with issues where we can, including supplying repair kits for self remedy. Should you require a larger area replacement, we will replace with the same product or a like-for-like product, depending on the status of the product in question at the time of repair.

This guarantee:

  • Can be cancelled at any point up until 48 hours after delivery of goods.
  • Is limited in liability up to and including the total value of the original order.
  • Is subject to information and documentation that appears on our website and are updated from time to time, in sections which describe the types of product supplied, which give installation and maintenance requirements as well as temperature and moisture requirements and which describe acceptable underfloor heating practices.