Classy Halloween Decoration Ideas

Our last Halloween themed blog looked at how to protect your wood flooring when hosting a party, now we turn our attention to classy Halloween decoration which avoids the need to be so cautious. Step away from the silly string, gunge and other wood flooring horrors and think elegant, Halloween soiree. We all like to be a bit fancy now and again and if it protects our wood flooring along the way too, then we’re on to a winner!

Setting the Scene with your Classy Halloween Decoration

Firstly let’s take a peek as these stunning table layouts. Whether you opt for a sit down meal to entertain your guests or provide a practical nibbles table with self-service, the finishing touches are what really make a difference to the overall look. Take the classy white layout above; simple yet beautiful. The use of white and gold pumpkins blends with the crockery whilst the subtle crow and spider décor reinforces the theme without causing too much drama. A meal setting is perfect to avoid those little crumbs and spillages covering your lovely wood flooring – don’t forget your flooring gliders for your furniture too. The last thing you want is someone pulling out their chair and accidentally scratching your wood flooring!

 Classy Halloween Decoration Ideas by Direct Wood Flooring

These nibble tables are tastefully done, incorporating the decoration into the food and crockery rather than filling every inch of the space with decor. The creative spider macaroons and ghost meringues look brilliant. Why not get imaginative with your food and create a showstopper worthy of the Great British Bake Off Final like this amazing skull cake:

Classy Halloween Decoration Ideas by Direct Wood Flooring

                                                                  Image Courtesy of Evil Cakes.

Cut-lery Choosing

When it comes to cutlery we all dash to the cupboard to pull out our finest Robert Welsh sets to impress our guests. Regardless of the brand, stainless steel cutlery ties in with the elegant Halloween look with ease. Plastic alternatives featuring monster prints or flying witches, although quirky, don’t quite have the same effect. We advise sticking with the same spook too – this skeleton theme looks great with matching accessories.

Classy Halloween Decoration Ideas by Direct Wood Flooring


More Classy Halloween Decoration Tips

Now for the rest of the home. If you’re going for the tasteful look then don’t overload your house with masses of decoration. We’ve all heard the saying less is more – it applies to your Halloween decoration too. Whilst grand events can look amazing with life-size spooks and drapes, trying to squeeze it all into your apartment along with 20 guests can leave little room to move. Not to mention the mammoth clean up task the day after. Silly string trodden into your wood flooring grain can be a nightmare to get out - choose the easier option with stunning pumpkin designs like these:

Classy Halloween Decoration Ideas by Direct Wood Flooring

The glass light up designs are fantastic as a table centre piece or to make a statement around your home. Whilst the decorated pumpkins are a fun way to get creative with design, make sure you add a layer of clear adhesive to avoid the glitter covering your furniture or being trailed around your wood flooring. Ceramic designs are brilliant to add subtle decor without overstating – the only problem being, you won’t want to take them down!

Classy Halloween Decoration Ideas by Direct Wood Flooring

Finishing touches like this fun bat floor mat is a great way of protecting your wood flooring from the dirt trodden in from the great outdoors, whilst also displaying the level of effort you have gone to. The elegant swirls add an air of finesse to the design to tie in with the classy Halloween theme.

If you’re going the extra mile this Halloween - check out these stunning spider jewellery designs to glam up your outfit:

Classy Halloween Decoration Ideas by Direct Wood Flooring Classy Halloween Decoration Ideas by Direct Wood Flooring