Luxury Vinyl Tiles

  1. What Is LVT Flooring?

    What Is LVT Flooring?

    Luxury vinyl tiles, or LVT flooring as it is more commonly known, is a type of flooring product that

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  2. 8 Luxury Vinyl Colour Ideas

    Luxury Vinyl Tiles

    Vinyl flooring is a hot trend for 2022 and with a range of great patterns and colourways, you can create

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  3. Best Flooring For Wheelchair Users

    When it comes to interior design, accessibility is a key consideration. It’s important to ensure safety and ease of mobility around any home. In this blog, we’re going to offer advice on the best flooring types for wheelchair users with reduced mobility, to help make the most of living spaces.

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  4. Kitchen Flooring: Which is Best for You?

    Kitchen Flooring: Which is Best for You?

    You know what they say; the kitchen is the heart of the home. Which is why its foundations deserve a bit of TLC. Your kitchen flooring is a key element to making your kitchen look amazing. With thousands of colours, styles and materials to choose from, we’ve made choosing the best kitchen flooring for you, a breeze - with a selection of kitchen flooring ideas. 

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  5. Summer Style: 11 Interior & Flooring Trends for 2020

    Summer Style: 11 Interior & Flooring Trends for 2020

    Worried you’re falling behind on the latest summer décor trends? Well, worry no more. We’ve got the latest 2020 flooring trends to make sure your home makes the grade with this summer interior trends.


    When it comes to the latest styles and trends, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Interior is subjective after all, and we all have our own unique taste. We have accumulated our favourite summer interior ideas, to help inspire you and keep you on trend this summer. 

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  6. Underlay for Wood, Laminate and Other Hard Flooring

    Underlay for Wood, Laminate and Other Hard Flooring

    Do I need underlay? Which underlay should I use? Is there a difference between wood flooring underlay and laminate flooring underlay? We’re here to answer these questions, and explain the importance of new underlay should you need it. 


    When creating your dream home, it takes a lot of deliberation. Flooring, as well as which accessories to use, bear no exception. 


    We know there’s one subject that has potential to cause confusion: underlay.  To make your decision easier, this post covers all you need to know about flooring underlay. 

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  7. How to Acclimatise Flooring?

    How to Acclimatise Flooring?

    When buying new flooring, there are certain key steps to ensuring its longevity. Preparation is key. As the old saying goes: fail to prepare, prepare to fail. One key step is to acclimatise flooring. But what is it? Why is acclimating wood flooring so important, and how do you do it effectively?

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  8. Christmas Clean: Protect Your Flooring This Christmas

    Christmas Clean: Protect Your Flooring This Christmas

    Christmas is prime time when it comes to cleaning. Your friends and family coming over means you have a lot more foot traffic than normal, which could mean disaster for your flooring. Glitter from Christmas decorations, dirty shoes and possibly even snow are all culprits for creating an unclean floor in your home

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  9. Herringbone LVT - New 2019 Range

    Herringbone LVT - New 2019 Range

    New for 2019, our Herringbone LVT flooring (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) range combines style and character with practicality and function, while remaining at a low price. This new range of flooring replicates the look and feel of real wood Herringbone Flooring, with the added benefits of LVT flooring.

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  10. Luxury Vinyl Flooring - Click vs. Glue

    Luxury Vinyl Flooring - Click vs. Glue

    When choosing your luxury vinyl flooring, commonly referred to as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), you'll often be presented with two options: click, or gluedown. Both share common ground when it comes to their quality, but there are distinct differences between the two, which we'll cover in this guide.

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