What Are The Benefits Of Wooden Flooring?

Wooden flooring has traditionally been the go-to choice for many households due the beautiful appearance of the colour and grain found in many tree species. It can make your home feel warm and add character to rooms no matter their size. 

Classically, wood flooring was only available in certain wood types, but can now be purchased in a range of wood types, colours, and finishes. This makes it an attractive prospect for all styles and tastes. 

But what are the other benefits of wooden flooring?


Strength and durability

One of the best advantages to installing a wood floor in your home is the strength and durability wood can offer. Be it solid wood or engineered wood, they can stand up to the test of daily life without losing their appeal. For longevity, we would recommend purchasing a top-quality wood, as these can last far longer and is an extremely cost-effective option. 


Easy to maintain

Everyone wants a floor that is easy to clean and maintain and wood flooring is exactly that, especially when compared with carpet. They are far more resistant to spills and dirt, so are an excellent choice for households with children, pets or for those that do not have the time to fit in regular cleaning. 

They are easily swept for dust and dirt and can be cleaned with specialist products that are found from most good flooring and hardware shops, we would not recommend using a lot of water or all-purpose cleaning solutions as this can cause damage to the wood planks. 



Wood floors are a favourite of interior designers thanks to their classic design and ageless look and feel. Wood planks will naturally age and mellow out over the years, giving a unique character to your home whilst staying timeless. Wood flooring has never gone out of style, meaning that even though trends may change, your home will always look chic and warm, regardless of the wood flooring you choose. 


Better for your home

Wood flooring is more hygienic than other flooring types. This is due to not having a surface that can harbour dust or pollen, and if you have pets, any fleas, or parasites. This makes wood flooring an ideal solution for allergy sufferers and those with animals such as cats or dogs. 



Wood floors are available in a wide variety of styles and colours, meaning that you no longer have to stick to the traditional feel and colour of oak planks. From dark, rich woods that give an opulent and sophisticated atmosphere to your home to the lighter, more modern, and contemporary styles of greys and vanilla, you are sure to find a wood finish that can match any home décor. 


Keep your home warm

Compared to tiled or laminate flooring, wood can make your home far more comfortable to live in as it is not as cold. Engineered wood flooring is also compatible with adding underfloor heating, so you can stay warm all year round. 


Easy Installation

If you choose to go with an engineered wood floor, you will find that they are easy and quick to have installed. 

Many businesses will offer types of this flooring with an interlocking "click" system, which makes installation simple and straightforward. You simply click each board with the next, to create a floating floor that does not require any glues or adhesives and can be easily taken up again if you wish to redecorate or redesign your room in the future. 


Long term investment

Although more expensive than other types of flooring, the longevity offered by wood floors make them a worthy investment and cost effective over time. This is a real benefit for your home in the future and with many companies offering finance deals on the floor of your choice, wood flooring is more affordable than ever and can stand the test of time far better than cheaper materials. 


Wood flooring from Direct Wood Flooring

If you are looking for wood flooring, then here at Direct Wood Flooring we offer a wide range of choice in a variety of colours, finishes and styles, so no matter what you choose you are guaranteed a luxurious and authentic wood finish. We pride ourselves on building exclusive relationships with premier wood suppliers across the world to find the best in high quality wood and then delivering it to you with unbeatable prices. 

We also offer a free sampling service to our customers, which allows a selection of up to four samples from our product ranges. Samples are a great way of helping you choose the right floor for you, not just to make sure that whatever style you select looks great, but to also ensure that your floor can fit your individual requirements for use.   

We stock solid wood and engineered wood flooring as well as parquet flooring and wood floor tiles, so you are sure to find a product that works for you.  

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of purchasing wood flooring, if you buy with us, you can be certain that all our wood flooring is sustainably sourced and is either PEFC or FSC certified. 

We also believe we have a corporate responsibility to help our environment, that is why we are committed to becoming carbon neutral and for every order you place, we will plant a tree as well as donating a share of our profits towards tree planting. We have already planted 5,977,927 trees since August 2020 and this number is growing every day! 

So, if you are looking to add wood flooring to your home or office space, or simply need some professional advice on what you should purchase, then please contact us today to get a quote, advice or order your free flooring samples.    

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