Hosting a Party? Protect your Wood Flooring

Hosting a party this month? Great, these handy tips will help keep your

wood flooring looking fabulous!

We all love a good party. However as with all parties, the dreaded next day clean up isn’t as much fun as the event. The aftermath tends to include a trail of food, spillages, empty glasses and footprints across your lovely wood flooring. So what can you do to avoid any permanent damage? We’ve compiled a list of top tips to help keep your wood flooring looking fabulous!

Protect Wood Flooring from Spills

1. Cover-up High Risk Areas 

Food areas or drinks tables are prone to accidents. A tarpaulin sheet is perfect for covering the area and capturing any spillages or crumbs. The robust material is waterproof, providing a protective layer to stop anything being soaked through onto your wood flooring. To clean, a simple mop over is enough to have it gleaming ready for the next event. For best results, dark colouring will disguise any marks you accumulate from heavy traffic.

2. Segregate the Games Area to Outdoors

If you'll be hosting any children, you'll definitely need something to keep them entertained; but the mess it makes isn’t great for our wood flooring. From Halloween apple bobbing to summer water fights that somehow make their way indoors, wood flooring does not mix well with water. Unless you want to spend the night guarding with your mop in hand, we suggest you go outdoors. Set up a games area where all the messy activities can take place.

Protect Wood Flooring from High Heels

3. Ask Guests to Remove their Shoes

It’s not cheeky to ask your guests to remove their shoes. The last thing you want is a stiletto heel imprint across your gorgeous new wood flooring. A lot of people are understanding when it comes to the shoes on or off debate so don’t be hesitant. Pre-warn your guests that gives those who are feet conscious plenty of time to pack some socks or indoor footwear!

5. Clean as you Go

If a spillage occurs, it’s not the end of the world, just make sure you clean it up as quickly as possible. Leaving drinks to soak through your flooring can cause the wood to warp, lift or even crack. Tending to it immediately avoids any lasting damage. Laminate in particular is great for simply wiping away any excess liquid, whilst the more sensitive solid and engineered woods aren’t so resilient. As long as you take care and deal with any accidents quickly – you’ll be fine.

It's important to protect wood flooring if you're hosting a party. These tips should help your evening go off without a hitch!