Monthly Archives: October 2021

  1. Herringbone Flooring Inspiration With @house_of_holcroft 

    Herringbone Flooring Inspiration With @house_of_holcroft 

    These days one of the first places we go for inspiration is Instagram and have a look at what others are doing. Our collaboration with @house_of_holcroft is a perfect example of why Instagram is a great place for home inspiration. 


    If you’re one for stopping scrolling when you see a beautiful herringbone flooring with a stunning surrounding then you will love this one. 


    Let’s take a look at why @house_of_holcroft chose the flooring she chose and why...

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  2. Autumnal Interior and Flooring Trends 2021

    Autumnal Interior and Flooring Trends 2021

    Looking to update your home this autumn? Before you do, let's take a look at what is actually trending in the interiors and flooring department this autumn so you can update in style. 

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