Autumnal Interior and Flooring Trends 2021

Looking to update your home this autumn? Before you do, let's take a look at what is actually trending in the interiors and flooring department this autumn so you can update in style. 

We’ll look at some of this seasons favourites that are here to stay: 


  • Rich Colours Paired With Dark Woods
  • Warm neutrals
  • Rusty orange


Rich Colours Paired With Dark Woods


This first trend is one that will add a luxurious depth to any room in your home. Using a rich colour palette, paired with darker wood floors, furnishings and accessories is the perfect way to create a sumptuous space. 


Painting your walls shades that have darker undertones: burgundy, deep greens and blues is the perfect way to provide the foundation of this interior trend. 


Now for the dark woods. Incorporating dark woods into your design is the perfect way to offset your interiors. 


These can be introduced through furnishing such as coffee tables, sideboards, the legs of your sofas, and your flooring!


Dark Wood Flooring 


When it comes to dark wood flooring, there is a wide range of options you can choose from to complement your rich coloured walls. 


As dark wood is in relation to a colour as opposed to a flooring type you’re not limited to just one type of flooring. Laminate, solid wood, engineered wood, LVT and EvoCore are all great options that will have a wide range of darker shades available to suit your design. 


evocore villa laminate
EvoCore Nature Forest Oak Villa Harbour Oak Studio Coffee Oak Engineered Wood

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So you’re not limited to styles or flooring types to suit your needs and lifestyle. 


Warm Neutrals 


You may have been familiar with the grey trend that has entered the homes of millions over the last few years. Well, this neutral trend has evolved even further from your typical grey, to greige. 


Greige blends the popular interior colours of grey and beige, creating the perfect balance of cool chic tones, and warm inviting tones. Due to the neutral qualities of this trend, it is easy to introduce brighter colours or metals and woods to accentuate and accessorise with. 


This level of versatility is what has seen this trend become widely adopted by homes across the globe.

Flooring To Match This Trend


Lighter wood shades perfectly complement these neutral tones creating a beautiful warming space. 


evocore loft natural oak wood flooring

EvoCore Design Floor Golden Fudge Oak LVT

Loft Natural Oak Laminate  Carpenters Choice Oak Engineered Wood 
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You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding flooring options to match this interior trend.


Rusty Orange


This final trend is picked straight from the autumnal palette. Rusty orange. 


This beautiful colour has become a favourable tone to bring a splash of autumn. The warm orange tone, forces a cosy, warm and welcoming space. 


Just picture it. Shades of dark orange, the candles are on, the blankets are out. Simply stunning. 


This interior trend is achieved with using rusty orange walls and furnishings, coupled with natural wood accessories and flooring. 


Flooring To Match This Trend


Loft Golden Oak Laminate Manor Natural Oak Engineered Wood Hacienda Herringbone Engineered Wood

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And there we have a round up of some of our favourite Autumn trends to jump on if you are renovating this year. 


If you need any assistance with your flooring, get in touch with one of our experts today.