Lodge, Cottage or Chalet? Brand New Laminate Ranges

Holiday season is in full swing, and we’re all dreaming of a summer getaway. The question is, which would you prefer to stay in – Lodge, Cottage or Chalet? Whilst we may not be able to give you your perfect holiday, we can give you your dream home with our brand new Laminate Flooring ranges!

The beautiful look a wood flooring gives you is often unsurpassed. Its versatility means it’s just as at home in modern décor, as it is in traditional settings. Laminate Flooring flawlessly replicates the elegant style of a wooden floor, often at a cheaper price point; which means you get more bang for your buck.

Our three new ranges of Laminate Flooring perfectly showcase the wide variety of design available in today’s market. There’s something to suit everyone’s individual taste. Plus, with all of the added benefits of Laminate Flooring, they seamlessly combine beauty with practicality.


The Lodge range faultlessly replicates wood flooring. Through accentuated wood grains and authentic-feeling textures, this flooring range is already proving popular. At just £11.99m2, you can get the look you desire with a high-quality floor, without breaking the bank. Available in six colour variations, you can bring a warm, rustic feel to your interior design.

Lodge Platinum Oak Laminate Flooring Lodge Charcoal Oak Laminate Flooring Lodge Chocolate Oak Laminate Flooring

Platinum Oak

Charcoal Oak

Chocolate Oak

Lodge Forester Oak Laminate Flooring Lodge Light Grey Oak Laminate Flooring Lodge Sunrise Oak Laminate Flooring

Forester Oak

Light Grey Oak

Sunrise Oak

8mm thick boards provide a stable and hard-wearing surface that works great in high-traffic areas. Like all of our Laminate ranges, Lodge used a click-lock system which makes for quick and easy fitting. So whether you’re fitting it yourself or bringing in a professional wood flooring fitter, you’ll save both time and money whichever you choose.

The Facts

  • £11.99m2
  • 8mm thickness
  • 1291mm board length
  • 193mm board width
  • 1.99m2 pack coverage
  • Click-lock system
  • AC4 rating
  • 20 year residential warranty


If you favour a traditional approach to interior design, then the Cottage range is certainly one you should consider. The range includes six colour variations, ranging from the dark, moody tones of the Dark Chocolate Oak, to the light and bright colour palette of Whitewashed Oak. The design boasts incredibly realistic features, which reproduces the beauty of solid wood in beautiful detail.

Cottage Vintage Oak Laminate Flooring Cottage Dark Chocolate Oak Laminate Flooring Cottage Distressed Grey Oak Laminate Flooring

Vintage Oak

Dark Chocolate Oak

Distressed Grey Oak

Cottage Natural Harvest Oak Laminate Flooring Cottage Soft Pebble Oak Laminate Flooring Cottage Whitewashed Oak Laminate Flooring

Natural Harvest Oak

Soft Pebble Oak

Whitewashed Oak

Each board is 10mm thick to provide long-lasting durability, which is backed up by a 20 year residential warranty. For just £12.99m2, you’ll achieve the elegance of a wood floor at a fraction of the price; without compromising on quality.

The Facts

  • £15.99m2
  • 10mm thickness
  • 1291mm board length
  • 193mm board width
  • 1.74m2 pack coverage
  • Click-lock system
  • AC4 rating
  • 20 year residential warranty


An eclectic mix of colours and design makes the Chalet range one of our most unique yet. Whether you’re looking for rustic charm or a smart, contemporary look, you’ll find wide variety from the six designs available. At 12mm thickness, each board will offer supreme protection from heavy footfall. The 25 year residential warranty also covers you from manufacturing defects; just another feather in the bow of this incredible flooring range.

Chalet Elegant Nordic Pine Laminate Flooring Chalet Majestic Walnut Laminate Flooring Chalet Rustic Vintage Oak Laminate Flooring
Elegant Nordic Pine Majestic Walnut

Rustic Vintage Oak

Chalet Smoked Vintage Oak Laminate Flooring Chalet Snowy Mountain Oak Laminate Flooring Chalet Vintage Walnut Laminate Flooring

Smoked Vintage Oak

Snowy Mountain Oak

Vintage Walnut

Featuring antibacterial technology, a special coating has been applied to keep your floor looking pristine and protected from germs. All materials are sustainably sourced – as is every range from Direct Wood Flooring. At a price of just £14.49m², and with finance now available, quality far surpasses price with our Chalet range.

The Facts

  • £19.99m2
  • 12mm thickness
  • 1291mm board length
  • 193mm board width
  • 1.49m2 pack coverage
  • Click-lock system
  • AC4 rating
  • 25 year residential warranty

If you’d like to try any of our ranges, you can order up to four free samples with Direct Wood Flooring. Simply add the flooring of your choice to your samples basket, or get in touch by calling 03308 088777 or emailing [email protected].