Laminate Flooring Trends 2021 

Considering buying Laminate Flooring but not sure what style to opt for? 2021 has a fantastic variety of Laminate Flooring trends for you to take inspiration from for your home this year! From popular colours to timeless patterns, we’ve picked some of our favourites from an abundance of Laminate trends. 

  • Popular Colours
  • Patterns
  • Waterproof Laminates 
  • Distressed Wood Look 

What is Laminate Flooring 


Laminate is a popular household flooring type, famous for being practical, budget friendly and excellently replicating real wood flooring in a wide range of colours and styles. 


Laminate is manufactured from multiple layers of high-density fibreboard (HDF). A digitally printed top layer covers densely-packed wood fibres to create a stable core. High-quality wood image is printed, which is often paired with authentic-feeling bevels and grains, to create a hyper-realistic wood effect.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring 


Firstly, before we jump into the latest trends in Laminate Flooring, let’s take a look at the benefits.


  • Manufactured to be highly durable
  • Easier and cheaper installation
  • Scratch and water resistant
  • Hygienic, easy cleanable surface.
  • Realistic design
  • Available in a wide range of styles
  • Available in a wide range of budgets 
  • Pet-friendly 


If it’s practicality you’re looking for, as you can see from the list above, Laminate could very well be your answer! 


Now for the reason you’re really here; tips and tricks on keeping up with the latest and greatest in the world of Laminate Flooring!

Popular Colours 


Where interior design is concerned, colour is everything. Mood boards, inspiration pages and home décor magazines are a great source of idea generation for your home renovation. However, does this match up to what’s on trend in 2021?


Grey Laminate 


Grey Laminate has been a staple in Laminate trends for the last couple of years, and this year is no different. With a sleek and neutral appearance, this colour has unmatched versatility in complementing a wide range of colour palettes incorporated into your room design. 

Whether you’re one for a bold aesthetic, or a subtle design, grey Laminate will perfectly set off the design. This will help to deliver a beautiful contemporary finish.


Light Wood Laminate 


Additionally, another popular colour trend is one you surely expected to see in this list. The beginning of 2021, a neutral minimalistic aesthetic has been unavoidable in the interiors industry. 


Neutral walls, pampas grass, and light wood coloured furnishings have seen a rise in the trend department. 

Laminate flooring is no exception. Further adding to the neutral minimalistic interiors, Laminate is available in a wide variety of warm earthy tones to brighten up your space and feature a touch of nature. 


Introducing these tones can create a warm and welcoming space for the whole family to sit back and relax in. Sound like something you want out of your space? Then be inspired by the light wood Laminate look. 


Dark Laminate


Classic. Luxury. Sophistication. These are often all words that spring to mind when you picture a room with dark wood flooring. 


If it’s a touch of timeless charm you’re looking to achieve with your flooring, then a dark Laminate should turn your head. 


This popular colour has always been among the more favourable shades when it comes to Laminate. However, it has recently seen a rise, complementing bold designs. Contrasting well with bright colours, this helps to accentuate colourful pieces and furnishings making them stand out in your space. 

This trend as a whole has been largely adopted this year, with dark Laminate being the perfect component. If you’re opting for that real wood look on a budget, this is definitely an option for you, as Laminate replicates real wood exceptionally, for a fraction of the cost. 


Being no stranger to a minority of timeless classics in the flooring industry, opting for your Laminate in this shade will mean you can count on it standing the test of time. Additionally, it gives peace of mind that you can easily change your interiors around it over time without concern if it will match the flooring. 

Patterns / Styles


Who doesn’t love a pattern? Clothes, furniture, accessories and wallpaper can often be desirables we seek to find striking patterns in. And your flooring doesn’t have to be an exception.


Herringbone, chevron and wide plank designs are all eye-catching patterns available to purchase as a Laminate within the flooring industry. 


Undeniably, these designs are well established when it comes to real wood, offering that extra essence of elegance. This can however be a pricey investment. 


With these captivating patterns being available in a Laminate, you can get these amazing finishes for a fraction of the cost.




Where trending patterns are concerned this one has taken the interior industry by storm! Herringbone flooring is a form of parquet flooring. 


Herringbone arranges wooden blocks in a zig-zag pattern to produce beautiful results. This is how parquet flooring is defined – using wooden blocks to create geometric patterns.

Herringbone flooring comes in many different colours and variations. Whilst some lend themselves to contemporary interiors, others will look just as at home in older interiors – just as they did when herringbone wood flooring first made its way into homes in the late 16th Century.


So if you want to acquire a compliment or two with your interior design, this timeless classic is certainly a contender for that!




Another amazing pattern, not far behind the whirlwind that is herringbone, is chevron. 


The chevron design utilises a zig-zag pattern that’s similar to Herringbone. However, rather than being laid in a staggered pattern, they’re more uniform and are laid to form a true point. The regularity of a chevron pattern means it creates a simple and much cleaner look. Due to the pattern’s features, it also helps to make rooms look more spacious. 


Incorporating this into your home is a great way to add a feature piece to your space. With a pattern like this found throughout your flooring, you can make this a stand out element in your design, keeping the rest of your room design minimalistic. 


Wide plank 


Lastly, another one to watch out for in the Laminate trends department is wide plank Laminate. 


You may be thinking “what’s so stylish about a wide plank?” Well, you’ll be intrigued to know that a wider plank provides the opportunity to show off more of the natural grains and knots in the wood, delivering a stunning authentic wood design. 


Moreover, wider planks also mean that you’ll use fewer boards. This result in a more seamless finish, as well as it will save you money on the amount of packs needed for your installation. 


To conclude, if it’s a natural wood design you want, Laminate is available in wide planks. This offers a larger surface of more natural imperfections in the wood and supplies a rustic charm to your home. 

Waterproof Laminates


Next up is another type of Laminate that has hit the trends in 2021. Waterproof Laminate. 


Yes, you heard us! Waterproof Laminate. 


Previously, Laminate has been renowned for its practicality, ability to replicate real wood and appealing price points. However, its downfall was in its ability to survive the pressures of moisture. 


We’re pleased to inform you that this is no longer an issue. With a wide range of waterproof Laminates approved for use in bathrooms, you can acquire that endearing real wood look in even the most demanding rooms of the home. 

And people are acquiring it! Being one of the latest trends in Laminate, we’re seeing an abundance of stunning bathroom transformations featuring this versatile Laminate.  


Valencia Tile Retro Blue Grey

Supreme Everest Oak Bronze   Residence Narrow Dark Peterson Oak 
Valencia Tile - Add Samples to Cart Supreme Everest - Add Samples to Cart  

Residence Narrow - Add Sample to Cart 


Without reservation, you can now don’t need to miss out on the opportunity to feature a real wood look in your bathroom.

Distressed Wood Look


The last trend we’ll be showcasing is the distressed wood look. 


Shabby chic, vintage chic and upcycling are all popular interior stylings in recent years. These styles tend to feature a mix of beauty and distressed pieces within the design.


Whether this is translated through furniture or flooring, this narrative gives off an appealing rustic charm.


Why not introduce a distressed wood look? This can add an enchanting authenticity to the design. The composition of Laminate includes a printed design. There are no limits to what wood effect designs are available. 


There are a wide variety of distressed wood looking Laminates available. As a result, you aren’t limited when it comes to getting the desired look for your space. 



Amazing right? 


Overall, it’s clear to see why these trends have taken the interior industry by storm. Laminate is extremely versatile and is a great contender to pair with a wide range of interiors.  

If you have any questions regarding Laminate flooring, get in touch with one of our flooring experts today who will be happy to assist you.