Shoes On or Shoes Off your Wooden Flooring?

Wood flooring is made to be walked on but why is it whenever we see it in a home, the shoes on shoes off wood flooring panic kicks in? As a guest, do we walk on in with our shoes on or is it common courtesy to remove them? As a host, is it ill manners to ask our guests to remove them or should we just grin and bare it?

We vote - Shoes off  wood flooring every time and here’s 3 reasons why…


1.  Protect your Wooden Flooring

Stiletto heels and wooden flooring do not get along. Although wooden flooring is robust enough to withstand the pressure of a heavy footfall, the nature of stilettos mean your whole body weight is supported by a narrow heel capable of marking or even puncturing your flooring. These aren’t the only shoes which could cause potential damage either. Trainers with coloured rubber soles can leave a lovely tread line behind if we step too harshly, causing friction between the flooring and the sole.


Both can easily be avoided by enforcing the shoes off wood flooring rule! 


We think the perception of it being rude to ask your guests to remove their shoes is ludicrous. Especially when you consider the cost of replacement flooring. Respect your flooring and it will reward you with longevity – wooden flooring can last an average of 30 years if maintained well.

shoes on wood flooring

2.  Good Manners

It is generally seen as good manners to remove your shoes at the entrance of a home regardless of the condition – it’s one of those unwritten rules of politeness. Some people treat wooden flooring different to carpet, with the assumption its ok to walk on it in dirty shoes. The reasoning being that wooden flooring is easier to maintain; a simple whip round with a dry mop is enough to keep it gleaming.




No one wants mud trodden right across their floors, to have to clean up after you’ve left. For those who need a little gentle convincing, a segregated area such as a shoe cabinet or rack will encourage them to take them off. It’s also great for stopping the shoe mountain forming at your front door.

Tip: A door mat is great for wiping off the excess dirt especially in ill weather conditions.

shoes on wood flooring


3.  Strengthen your Feet

Wearing shoes 24/7 is not good for your feet. They will provide the comfort and support you need throughout the day but excessive wear can cause bunions or even heel spurs. Give your feet a break. Walking round your wooden flooring barefooted will not only relax your feet but strengthen the arch, toe joints and heel too.

shoes on wood flooring

We’ve all heard the famous ‘no pain no gain’ line when it comes to showcasing your killer heels. But, there’s also nothing better than that feeling of kicking them off after a long days wear. If there’s health benefits too then it’s a no brainer!


Let’s Address the Awkwardness

If you feel uncomfortable asking your guests to remove their shoes, why not get a sign which gently asks them to remove them. Here’s some of our favourites:

shoes on wood flooring


shoes on wood flooring


shoes on wood flooring

shoes on wood flooring