Wood Flooring Feature Walls

Wood flooring not only looks amazing on our floors but now it’s making a statement on our walls too!

We all have a different idea of what the perfect home looks like. We like to express our unique sense of style through our home décor with distinctive flooring, unique light fittings or bold furniture. When it comes to your wall designs, wood flooring feature walls have totally modernised the way we decorate.

Step aside wallpaper and paint tins, the stunning new wood flooring feature walls are guaranteed to impress your guests!

Initially making an appearance in our living rooms, recent trends have seen wood flooring feature walls in bedrooms, kitchens, dining areas and even hallways. Adaptable to all home styles, a unique feature wall will look great in traditional settings as well as modern homes. This stylish, luxury, modern kitchen looks amazing with the authentic oak feature wall, matching flooring and complementary accessories. Tying in other decorative elements with the colouring of the feature wall softens the prominence of the design; the solid wood shelving and cooker hood reinforces the authentic look whilst enabling the feature wall to blend effortlessly into the room.

wood flooring feature walls

Imitation wallpaper or painted walls just don’t have the same impact as real wood. Structurally robust, durable and generally more visually pleasing, wood flooring feature walls are not only practical; providing additional insulation, but create the wow factor too.

Take a peek at these designs for inspiration:

Great for making a room appear larger; the continuous flow of wood flooring from the floor to the wall enhances the size of the room whilst the positioning of the boards will elongate the length or width depending on which way they are lay. Placing the boards on the wall in the horizontal position running parallel to the flooring accentuates the width whilst placing them in the vertical position continuing on from the floor will emphasise the length. Room suitability and personal preference will help you decide the best position for your home.


Your wood flooring feature walls don’t need to be centralised!

Get creative and work with your room shape to make sure you get the best results. Not every room will be the perfect square or rectangle to centrally align your feature wall. Wood flooring can easily be cut to fit obscure shapes and create your desired look.

wood flooring feature walls

Off centre features form an area of focus and can be great for partitioning or disguising imperfections. You will need to prepare your wall as you would a sub-floor to make sure the base is substantial enough to support the boards. For fitting tips check out this great step by step fitting guide.

Don’t worry if you’ve already got flooring in place, wood flooring feature walls work perfectly with all floor types including carpets, vinyl’s and tiles. The skirting board will act as a divide between the two so there’s no need to be concerned about uneven joining or additional fixing methods. The colour doesn’t have to match either; contrasting colours work great to add a little drama and depth to a room. This dark to light contrast makes great use of an otherwise overlooked space:

wood flooring feature walls

There’s a reason wood flooring feature walls are trending and that’s because they look amazing… Order your free samples today and see for yourself!