The benefits of choosing engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a popular alternative to solid or hardwood flooring and is quickly becoming the top choice for both home and business owners when deciding what will work best for their space. This is due to the advantages it holds over other types of flooring, particularly if you want the warmth and character from solid wood but are looking for a more environmentally sustainable way to refurbish your home. 


What is engineered wood flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is simply multiple layers of timber that are overlaid with a solid wood veneer. How thick this veneer is will depend on wood type and manufacturer.

To help you decide why you should install engineered wood flooring in your residential or commercial space, here at Direct Wood Flooring we have put together a list of the benefits so you can see for yourself why it is becoming a popular product across the UK. 


What are the benefits?



Thanks to the wood veneer, engineered wood is available in a wide range of colours, woods and finishes. Part of the appeal of wood flooring is the character and warmth it can offer a room and engineered wood can still offer a varied choice; from rich and luxurious dark wood tones, to the modern and contemporary trend of light greys. 

As with solid wood flooring, you can also purchase engineered wood in a variety of finishes, from unfinished, brushed, oiled, and lacquered, so you do not have to compromise on style or taste. 



Climate change has been a huge talking point recently and rightly so, businesses and manufacturers are having to think up new, more sustainable methods of creating products to reduce the impact on the environment we live in. 

Engineered wood floors are better for our forests due to using less wood overall and taking advantage of the hardwood trees that grow a little quicker than the traditional oak trees used in solid wood flooring. We recommend purchasing your engineered wood flooring from a company such as Direct Wood Flooring, where all their wood flooring is sustainably sourced and is either PEFC or FSC certified.  

Longevity also plays a part, as engineered wood is more durable (see below) and therefore requires less replacement. 



One of the best advantages to installing an engineered wood floor in your home is the strength and durability it can offer. Thanks to the layers of timber making the wood planks incredibly tough, they can stand up to the test of daily life without losing their appeal. 


Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms

One of the best advantages of engineered wood is that it is designed to not contract and expand to the extent of solid wood. It boasts a high moisture tolerance level which makes it an ideal fit for rooms with water such as a kitchen or bathroom. It is less likely to suffer the same damage as solid wood and is also compatible with underfloor heating systems. tolerance level. 


Easy installation

Engineered flooring is easy and quick to install. Many businesses will offer types of this flooring with an interlocking "click" system, which makes installation simple and straightforward. You simply click each board with the next, to create a floating floor that does not require any glues or adhesives and can be easily taken up again if you wish to redecorate or redesign your room in the future.  

If there is no interlocking system, then engineered wood flooring also has the advantage of being able to be attached by adhesive to concrete and other materials. 


Plank width

Wood planks or boards generally come in three sizes, narrow, standard, or wide. However, thanks to engineered wood flooring planks not being limited by the size of the tree the wood is sourced from, you can get extra wide planks that are perfect for a contemporary look in your home or commercial building. 


Engineered wood flooring from Direct Wood Flooring

If you are looking for engineered wood flooring, then here at Direct Wood Flooring we offer a wide range of choice in a variety of colours, finishes and styles, so no matter what you choose you are guaranteed a luxurious and authentic wood finish. We pride ourselves on building exclusive relationships with premier wood suppliers across the world to find the best in high quality wood for our engineered wood veneers and then delivering to you with unbeatable prices.  

We also offer a free sampling service to our customers, which allows a selection of up to four samples from our engineered wood product ranges. Samples are a great way of helping you choose the right floor for you, not just to make sure that whatever style you select looks great, but to also ensure that your floor can fit your individual requirements for use.    

We also believe we have a corporate responsibility to help our environment, that is why we are committed to becoming carbon neutral and for every order you place, we will plant a tree as well as donating a share of our profits towards tree planting. We have already planted 5,977,927 trees since August 2020 and this number is growing every day!  

So, if you are looking to add engineered wood flooring to your home or office space, or simply need some professional advice on what you should purchase, then please contact us today to get a quote, advice or order your free flooring samples.     

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