10 creative Ideas for Wood Pallets

Have you got some leftover wood pallets? Don't throw them out! There are so many creative things you can do with just some simple pallets, in this blog we will give you a few ideas for wood pallets that might motivate you to try it for yourself!


When ordering wood flooring, many people keep their leftover planks for spares in the future. They sometimes even find creative uses for them. But what do you do with the pallets your flooring is delivered on? Although they may be conceived as scrap, wooden pallets have the potential to be pretty much anything you want (within reason of course), such as wood pallet furniture-think nightstands, bed frames or benches.


Idea 1: Plant holder

pallet wood plant holder

A plant holder is a more common option when thinking of wood pallet ideas. A wooden plant holder makes for a very natural and attractive piece in anyone's back garden. Additionally, you can personalise your creation with any range of our osmo oils!

This will definitely get your neighbours jealous, and you can have the pride of knowing you made it all yourself.


Idea 2: Shelving

Pallet shelves provide a rustic look while keeping costs to a bare minimum. If a minimalist aesthetic is what you're going for, look no further.

If a homemade shelving unit doesn't quite fit in with your interior, you can always make it shorter and make a coffee table.


Idea 3: Table

Wooden Pallet Table

Using some wooden pallets and a little ingenuity, you can make a beautiful table. Whether it’s being used for decorative purposes, or being used as a dinner table, it will look right at home with the rest of your interior. If you add the correct varnish, you can even make it waterproof and have an outdoor table; perfect for use in the summertime!


Idea 4: Outdoor Shelving

Outdoor Shelving

Outdoor shelving is one of the more popular choices for most people when thinking of ideas for wood pallets. 

It doesn’t require much work to make, and it results in a very attractive looking piece of shelving for your garden. This is a perfect example of how to make an outdoor storage area for plants.


Idea 5: Outdoor Bench 

Wooden Pallet Outdoor Bench

You may not realise just how much money can be spent on outdoor furniture and other garden features. Wood pallet furniture, more specifically outdoor benches, will look perfect in your garden and could save you money compared to buying outdoor furniture from a store. What’s more, it can add a rustic theme to your garden. 

For an extra bit of comfort, you can always add cushions in nice weather, just remember to take them in if it rains!


Idea 6: Outdoor Dining Seats and Tables

Outdoor Dining Seats and Tables - Wood Pallet Furniture

If you’re longing for a relaxing place to eat outside on a hot evening, then this is a great option to consider, especially with the price of the assembly being so low. 

To add a little more colour to your wood pallet furniture, there is always the option to paint the pallets to whatever colour you want. a thin coat of paint will give it that worn and rustic look.


Idea 7: Headboard 

Wood Pallet Headboard - Ideas for wood pallets

A simple yet effective way to give your bedroom a natural and farmhouse-style design. We love how this wooden pallet has been re-purposed to create this stylish headboard. You could also separate and stain the separate planks from your wooden pallet, giving the headboard a multi-tone finish.


Idea 8: containers


A simple pallet container can save you a lot of room in your house, and puts your pallets to a more practical use. In addition, this adds a natural and raw aesthetic to your home.

Containers like these can be found for upwards of £20 in furniture shops, while you can have yours for nothing!


Idea 9: Hand Painted Sign

Hand Painted Sign

You can never go wrong with a personalised ornament to hang on your wall, and what better one to have than a handmade one.

This is a great idea if you can't find the sign you want. The rough look of the wood planks can also add a little character to your home.

This example is one of an endless amount of ideas, you can use to truly make your interior your own.


Idea 10: Levitating Bookshelf

Levitating Bookshelf - Wood Pallet Ideas

Your wooden pallets are more than capable of holding up your books. Using wood stain would be a great idea here, as it can tone the wood to exactly how you like it.

A bookshelf like this would look fantastic in a bedroom or living room; you'll be sure to get endless compliments!




With all of these ideas for wood pallets, it may not be as useless as you once thought. You can truly personalise your home or garden to look exactly how you want, and you can do it all using leftover wood! From creative storage solutions to personalised messages, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. If you have any leftover wood flooring, check out these creative uses for herringbone flooring.