Caring for wooden flooring: the do’s and don'ts

Being able to care for wood flooring is an essential part of your cleaning routine. By taking proper care of your flooring, you ensure it lasts as long as possible. One of the key benefits of hard flooring is how simple wood floor cleaning really is. Our handy guide walks you through the steps on how to properly maintain wood flooring. 


There are a few small steps involved, in this blog, we’ll highlight the do’s and don'ts of wood floor cleaning as well as advice that you should take on board when caring for and maintaining your wooden flooring.


Included in this blog will be cleaning and maintenance products to use, as well as the proper method of cleaning. We’ll also cover the definite things that you should avoid, and preventative measures to look out for when you plan to maintain wood flooring.


Quick Top Tips

  • Mop up wet spills as soon as possible to prevent colour changes or warping of the floor
  • Sweep away any dirt or dust regularly
  • For the best cleaning results, we recommend a flat-headed spray mop for ease, as well as minimising the chance of damage
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning equipment to clean your floor
  • Do not use polish or cleaning products designed for other furniture, such as furniture polish
  • Take off dirty footwear before walking on your floor
  • Use protector pads on the bottom of your furniture to prevent them from scuffing and scratching your floor
  • Maintain the look by sanding and refinishing your wood flooring


Cleaning your wooden floor

When caring for your wooden floor, the best solution comes from using a spray mop with a specially formulated cleaner. Our Complete Clean, Care & Revive Kit comes from the Impero Elite range of wood floor care products.

The Complete clean, care and revive kit comes with:

  •         1 x Spray Mop
  •         4 x Microfibre Cloths
  •         1 x Universal Floor Cleaner: 1L
  •         1 x Reviving Wax for Wood Flooring: 1L
  •         1 x Graduated Measuring Cap
  •         1 x Detachable Cleansing Brush
  •         1 x Instructions & Assembly Guide
  •         1 x Wood Flooring Care & Maintenance Guide

The complete cleaning kit contains an easy glide Spray Mop featuring an advanced spray handle and additional grip design, allowing you to get a firm hold on stubborn marks. The refillable liquid compartment takes the effort out of cleaning; eliminating the need to carry additional equipment.

For your quick clean, simply fill the liquid compartment with your Universal Floor Cleaner and squeeze the trigger to release. The integrated spray system evenly distributes the cleaner for the perfect coverage, whilst the machine-washable microfibre cloth makes easy work of capturing any surface dirt.

This all in one package will help you save a lot of time and money, with everything you need included in one easy-to-use product.


Removing Dust

The first step to wood floor cleaning is to remove any dust, crumbs or litter.


This is something that should be done every week as it keeps the quality of your home and the floor to a higher standard. By removing debris from your floor’s surface you minimise the chances of it causing scratches to the surface.


Use a soft sweeping brush to get rid of most of the dirt, while making sure that you do not damage the wood in the process. With our Elite Wood Flooring Care Kit, You can use the white microfibre dust cloth and attach it to your mop. Simply run this over your floor to pick up and loose dust and prepare your floor for cleaning. 


A rough or brittle sweeping brush could potentially scuff and scratch the wood permanently. The same outcome is possible with a vacuum, remember to care for wood flooring effectively and patiently.



Every week or so, clean the wood with a  very slightly damp mop. Too much water is bad for the wood and can cause permanent damage. Even better, you should use a flat-headed spray mop. This means the cleaning liquid is instantly soaked up, preventing any moisture from soaking into the floor.



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Wood flooring needs a little moisture from time to time, so cleaning the floor weekly is a great way to keep it in good shape. If a section of flooring is walked on or used less often, then this may require less regular cleaning.


What to avoid

Leaving spills on the wood will give the wood time to absorb whatever liquid was on the floor, such as grease, alcohol, or sauce.


Any kind of liquids have a chance of permanently staining or damaging your flooring if left long enough. We suggest you clean the floor immediately after.


Cleaning the floor rarely or without proper care greatly reduces the quality of the wood. Stains and other spillages have the chance to absorb through the wood and leave marks or tone difference, as well as long-term structural damage such as curling or buckling.


Moisture from wet mops or steam mops absorb into the wood and cause permanent damage. Remember that the mop can only be very slightly damp in order to use it to clean and care for wooden floors, with flat-headed spray mops being the preferred option. To maintain wood flooring long-term, ensure all moisture is dealt with immediately. 

Vacuuming can turn out to be very bad for your wood floor, especially if you are using a beater bar and bristle bar setting. This scratches the surface to leave unsightly marks across the flooring. 


Many people who use home remedies or harsh detergent to care for wooden flooring end up with marks and stains dotted around their wood. Only ever use a certified wood floor cleaner.


Abrasive cleaning equipment has a massive potential to cause long-term damage to your flooring. Forget scouring pads or rough sponges, as these will cause more harm than good.


Did you know? Preventable damage accounts for 20% of wood flooring repairs.

Preventing Floor Damage

A key aspect if you want to maintain wood flooring is prevention. Preventing your floor from getting damaged can be something as simple as taking your shoes off before you walk on the floor. If you feel awkward asking people, a small sign at the entrance to your home is a great way to give a gentle reminder that your home is a shoe-free zone. 


Mud stains and wet shoes can easily stain your wood and produce permanent marks, Of course, they will happen from time to time - just be sure to clean them up immediately.


Protecting your floor from heavy objects such as furniture is vitally important. Self-adhesive floor protectors prevent scratches and scuffs by household items such as chairs, couches and tables.


Your pet’s claws can often be a hidden culprit. If you don't know where those odd scratch marks are coming from, trim your pet's claws on a regular basis.


Moving doormats can also scuff your floor; be sure to keep them in place using grip tape or other similar products.



Maintaining Wood Flooring

To maintain the look of your wooden flooring, our Impero Elite Reviving Wax protects it against everyday wear and tear, while reducing the appearance of scratches.


Reviving Wax is a water-based, natural solution which will not leave smear marks. Available on its own or as part of our Complete Clean, Care & Revive Kit, easily apply the wax with your Spray Mop by adding 20 ml of the solution, then fill the tank with water. The advanced drying process means in just 1 hour your flooring will be ready to polish off and admire.


The wax rejuvenates the look of your wood flooring, restoring it back to its former beauty with a beautiful semi-gloss finish. It's the perfect hassle-free way your maintain your wooden floor.


Wood repair kits can also come in handy if there is major damage to your flooring. These work by filling in deep scratches, with a wax that matches the colour of your flooring. 


Sanding and refinishing your wood can bring even the most tired-looking wooden floors back to life. By sanding down the top layer, you’re left with a new surface that can be re-finished to create a new-looking floor. If you have laminate flooring, you won't be able to sand and re-finish, as the top layer is a printed image, and will therefore cause irreversible damage. 


Our Osmo oil range provides the necessary protection for wood flooring. With unfinished flooring, you can use the oil to give the flooring a new colour and extra protection.




  • Clean off any dust or dirt that accumulates on the wood. For best results, use a microfibre cloth.


  • Use a flat-headed spray mop to clean your flooring. Only ever use certified wood floor cleaners - never any home remedies

Every six months

Every 5 years

  • Apply a maintenance coat of oil to replenish the finish.
  • You may also want to sand and refinish your flooring.


Being able to maintain wood flooring is simple. If you follow the advice in this guide, your floor has the potential to last decades. Remember that overuse of liquid is wood flooring’s worst enemy, and using it sparingly keeps your floor looking great without causing lasting damage.


If you have any questions or queries on this topic be sure to give us a call on 03308 088 777.  

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