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  1. Top 5 Home Styles Featuring Wooden Flooring

    Top 5 Home Styles Featuring Wooden Flooring

    Wooden flooring is one of the most versatile flooring ranges on the market. From Modern to Traditional and Scandinavian design, it is renowned for the ability to blend effortlessly with décor and furnishings to really enhance your choice of styling. With a range to suit every budget, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect wooden flooring for your next home project. Here we look at some of our favourite home styles to see how wooden flooring can make a real difference to your home.

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  2. The Perfect Parquet Flooring

    The Perfect Parquet Flooring

    Finding your perfect parquet flooring isn’t so easy when there’s a huge range of designs, colour tones, finishes and patterns to choose from. You can spend hours searching Pinterest, googling and browsing through the latest wood flooring trends.


    We can help you…

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  3. Where Can You Fit Laminate Flooring?

    Where Can You Fit Laminate Flooring?

    When it comes to variation of design and value for money, laminate flooring is one of the top flooring ranges on the market but how does it fair on room suitability?

    Manufactured from a high density fibreboard and covered in a hyper-realistic decorative layer, laminate flooring has the ability to replicate the designs of the premium solid wood and stone tiles to a very high standard. The advances in modern technology means laminate has far surpassed its original designs with a huge array of quality patterns and styles to choose from.

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