Where Can You Fit Laminate Flooring?

When it comes to variation of design and value for money, laminate flooring is one of the top flooring ranges on the market but how does it fair on room suitability?

Manufactured from a high density fibreboard and covered in a hyper-realistic decorative layer, laminate flooring has the ability to replicate the designs of the premium solid wood and stone tiles to a very high standard. The advances in modern technology means laminate has far surpassed its original designs with a huge array of quality patterns and styles to choose from.

When looking at room suitability, the composition of the flooring makes laminate a very versatile range. However, as with all flooring ranges, it can struggle under the pressures of excessive moisture. For best results try to avoid fitting laminate in high risk areas and treat spillages as quickly as possible. If you're fitting your flooring yourself, check out our guide on how to fit Laminate Flooring.

This handy Room Suitability Chart will help you decide which rooms are appropriate for laminate flooring or whether there is a more suitable alternative.

Wood Flooring Room Suitability

Living Room


Laminate Flooring

The huge range of colours, patterns and designs make laminate flooring the ideal choice for your living area. At an affordable price range, it’s perfect for family homes as well as trend setters who love to stay up date with the latest style.


Hall, Stairs & Landing

As a high traffic area it is important to get a quality laminate capable of withstanding the pressures of constant use. Don’t forget your stair nosing and scotia for finishing touches.


Dining Room

Laminate Flooring


As a practical flooring range laminate performs well in dining areas. This easy to maintain flooring is capable of withstanding minor food and drinks spills. All whilst blending effortlessly with décor and furnishings.



If you’re purchasing laminate for a kitchen area, spillages should be cleaned as quickly as possible. Excessive moisture can cause lifting, warping or even cracking of the boards. Therefore, it's so important to clean as you go!



Laminate is one of the easiest flooring ranges to fit, which makes it perfect for the array of shapes you find in conservatories. The click system makes joining the boards both fast and efficient as a floating installation does not require any adhesive - it simply clicks together. Don’t worry about the temperature fluctuation either, all you have to do is leave adequate spacing around the perimeter to allow for wood expansion. This will be hidden by the skirting or scotia. 



Laminate Flooring

Laminate will cope well in bedroom settings. The super stylish looks and comfortable feel underfoot make it a popular choice. For maximum comfort a quality underlay will make all the difference.



If you’re purchasing laminate for a bathroom area you need to make sure it is waterproof. Regular laminate flooring can struggle in a bathroom setting due to the high moisture content.


Underfloor Heating

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is ideal for underfloor heating. The density of the boards along with the varying thickness available makes the perfect combination for thermal conductivity and transferable heat. However it is vital you use the correct underlay, compatible with underfloor heating. This is manufactured to allow heat to transfer through whilst also enabling even distribution. A regular laminate underlay can block the heat from rising and redirect to the perimeters of the boards. This causes the floor temperature to fluctuate and will render your underfloor heating useless.

Fitting Laminate Yourself?

Check out our handy YouTube guide on how to fit Laminate Flooring: