How To Match Wall Colour With a Wood Floor

Trying to coordinate your interior design with wood flooring can often seem a challenge. Especially as modern wood flooring now comes in a variety of different colours, finishes and patterns. 

Walls can seem like a particularly tricky challenge to colour match correctly to your wood floor, so we have put together this wall colour guide with a collection of wood flooring ideas to help you create your ideal colour style and palette and get the most out of your space and home décor. 


The interior colour rule

As your walls and your floors are the largest spaces in your home, it is important that both can work together to create the look and feel that you want. Poor colour matching between them can often make a space hard to live in and enjoy. Before choosing your wall colour, we would recommend considering the use of the colour rule. 

The colour rule is a classic decorating rule that helps create the right colour palette for any given space. The rule is that three colours should be used and the percentage split between them is 60/30/10. This simply means that you should only use three colours in any room and that 60% of the room should be a main colour, 30% should be a secondary colour and 10% should be a colour accent. However, there are many tones on the spectrum for each colour and there is no rule about incorporating the different use of tones for your chosen colours.  

The colour and pattern of your wood flooring you choose will play a crucial role in how you apply the colour rule, but it is a good guide to make sure you don’t end up with a grey floor and grey walls! 


Light wood flooring

For a light or neutral wood floor, you have the greatest range of colour options for your walls. If you are choosing a wood floor to match your current wall colour, and you are unsure of what will work, a lighter or neutral solid wood, or engineered wood flooring, will work with most colour palettes. 

We would recommend our deluxe frosted oak solid wood flooring for a beautiful, yet neutral finish that can take colours across the spectrum. If you like a contrast then keep your walls dark, if you want a cosier feel, then dark plums and blues can minimise the openness lighter floors create. 

Light wood flooring is also a great choice if you want a bright primary colour on the wall. It allows you to have colour without overwhelming the space. 

If your room is on the smaller side, then lighter wood flooring and pastel shades on the wall is an ideal solution to give the impression of a larger space. If you go for ashy or a grey light flooring, pair it with lilacs, blues, and pinks to give a brush of colour without creating too much contrast. If you have more natural tones in your wood flooring, then adding an off white, cream or pastel peach colour should keep the illusion of space. 


Medium wood flooring 

Medium shade wood flooring has traditional been the most popular. It includes the classical wood shades and does not have the contemporary twist of the fashionable grey or espresso. However, this means it works well with a range of wall colours. 

To work out what colours would match best with your wood flooring, look at the undertone. If it has more red and brown shades, then choose warmer colours for your walls that complement this, such as apricot or yellow. 

If your wood flooring has cooler undertones, then greens and blues on your walls would work beautifully to create a calm, comfortable space. 

Try our fabulous farmhouse golden smoked oak engineered wood flooring combined with soft, burnt orange walls to create an inviting and homely atmosphere.


Dark wood flooring 

Dark flooring is a popular modern trend and with a greater variety in styles of flooring, you can get a dark wood to suit a range of styles and tastes. 

As dark flooring can often pull a room in, you need to make sure the room gets enough light to offset the darker shades. If you are concerned that having colour on your walls will make your space feel too small, then try creams to match warmer toned woods, or paler grey and blues to keep the room as open as possible. 

Darker woods like our imperial teak solid wood flooring lends itself perfectly to richer colour walls. If your style is one of opulence and decadence, deep purples, navy blues, and dark greens are the way to go. Accessorise with golden accents in your furnishings for a real taste of luxury.


Patterned wood flooring 

If you have a patterned wood floor already or are wanting to create some interest for a room, then you may be considering wood flooring ideas to help successfully balance out the dynamics of a pattern without resorting to white walls. 

Patterned flooring is particularly on trend this year and both solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring can offer an array of designs and colours to match even the most colourful of walls! 

If you like bright colours but want a patterned floor such as herringbone or chevron, then keep your colour to a feature wall. Remember to match your wall colour to the undertones in your flooring for a flowing feel that is kind to the eye. 


Wood flooring ideas from Direct Wood Flooring

If you are looking for the perfect wood flooring for your next interior design project, then Direct Wood Flooring has everything you need to create your ideal space.  

With a huge range of hardwood and engineered wood flooring products, as well as some beautiful vinyl tiles and laminate flooring designs, we have the colour and style selection to suit all tastes and colour palettes.  

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