Laminate Flooring Trends for 2022

Traditionally seen as a cheap substitute for carpet or wood,  laminate flooring has come a long way from the basic, beige and beech style of past years. Cost-effective and easier to maintain than solid wood or engineered wood flooring, whilst still keeping the aesthetic appeal associated with wood, laminate flooring is becoming exceedingly popular as an alternative. 

To match the modern trends, laminate flooring has moved with the times and is now available in a wide range of styles, finishes and colours. This diversity has helped this type of flooring become a go-to for interior design and can offer homeowners the look they want without being hugely expensive. 

The affordability of laminate flooring is also helped by the ease in which it can be installed. You don’t need to pay a flooring fitter, it can be laid by anyone with good knowledge of DIY, so if you’re looking for a beautiful finish to your home flooring without the expense, then laminate flooring can be an excellent choice. 

If you’re looking at installing laminate flooring in your home, take a look at the most popular laminate flooring trends for 2022 and see if the list below can inspire you to create your ideal design!


Reclaimed wood & rustic styling

‘Reclaimed wood’ style laminate flooring is expected to be a huge trend this year. Laminate flooring can often follow the current trends in wood flooring as it can provide an inexpensive option and reclaimed wood is currently a hugely popular interior design choice. Laminate flooring in a reclaimed wood look is made to closely imitate the texture and colours of reclaimed wood, but as the real thing is often pricey and hard to find, laminate flooring can give you the same unique and diverse look at a fraction of the cost. 

Rustic flooring styles have been popular for the last couple of years, and it seems that this trend is set to continue throughout 2022. With people now opting for character flooring to give a homely feel, distressed wood-look laminate flooring styles are likely to prove hugely popular once again. The distressed look is a particular favourite, as it gives you all the marks of well loved wood to give you the detail and unique character needed to add a warm and welcoming feel to your home.  


Patterned flooring 

Patterned flooring is particularly on trend this year and laminate can offer an array of designs and colours to match even the most unique of personalities!  

The most popular patterns for 2022 have to be herringbone and chevron. These patterns can be seen everywhere at the moment, either in solid wood or laminate. This is because Herringbone and chevron patterns are popular choices for smaller spaces as they trick the eye into thinking the room is longer than it is, add to that the beautiful finishes available in these patterns and you can create a flowing feel without the pattern being too overpowering for the room.  


Mixed plank sizes

Mixed planks are a definite trend to watch out for this year. Adding character and depth to a room, mixed widths can create a unique style that ties in nicely with the rustic trend. 

If you like the idea of mixed wood planks in a wood finish but don’t want the maintenance and costs associated with installing real or engineered wood flooring, then laminate flooring in this style looks just as good as the real thing. Mix and match colours for a statement flooring piece and to give your home a modern twist. 


Greys & whitewash

Grey is the hot colour trend from the world of interior design and home décor and flooring is no exception. From soft, light greys, to darker, contemporary charcoals, a grey colour palette for your laminate flooring can complement any taste or style. 

If you like the idea of grey but would prefer the ultimate in colour friendly laminate flooring, whitewashed oak that mimics the grain naturally found in wood can be a great alternative, and you can often find whitewashed laminate flooring finishes with tones of grey running through. 

This neutral colour palette is proving popular as not only does it work with almost every single colour, but it can work in a range of finishes, from wood effect to stone and tiles, so it is suitable for any room in the house. Grey laminate flooring is also available in a range of shades, so you are bound to find a tone that works with the home décor and furnishings you already have, saving you money on redecorating. 


Laminate Flooring trends 2022 with Direct Wood Flooring 

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