Upcycling Your Offcuts 10 Great Ideas

When you are replacing your flooring with new, if you have measured up correctly, you should end up with flooring offcuts. Offcuts are simply the pieces of wood, laminate or vinyl left over from the finished installation. 

With all of us trying to be that little bit more sustainable, don’t throw away your offcuts – upcycle them instead!

They can be used to create beautiful accessories or art, or even furniture! And as you already know they will match your colour scheme for your refurbished room, you can save money whilst adding those perfect finishing touches that turn a house into a home. 

If you need some inspiration as to how to upcycle your offcuts, we have 10 great ideas that can be used for all types of flooring. So whether you have chosen real wood, vinyl tiles or laminate flooring, read on for the best creative upcycling tips!


Update your kitchen

One of the best ways to upcycle vinyl and laminate flooring offcuts is to give your kitchen counters a refresh. It is quick and easy to do, and you don’t have to pay any extra!

Cover your counters with vinyl offcuts and add some texture and design to your kitchen. This works particularly well with vinyl offcuts in a wood finish, as wooden kitchens can be expensive. You get the same effect without the price tag. 

You can also use vinyl offcuts to cover cupboard doors. The waterproof and wipe clean properties are ideal for use in a kitchen and vinyl is extremely durable, even with children. 


Create wall art

Although you may think that creating pieces of wall art from offcuts are more suited to patterned vinyl or parquet flooring, using wood offcuts can also make beautiful and innovative decorations for your home. Glue together in any pattern or shape you like to match your interior décor and create a unique furnishing that works for you. 

A good tip when using vinyl offcuts, is to shape them into a flower and put it in a glass display photo frame for a creative piece of artwork you won’t find anywhere else. 


Line cupboards and shelves

Who says that the interior of cupboards and shelves shouldn’t be just as stylish as the outside? By lining the bottom of drawers, cupboards, and shelving units with vinyl adhesive offcuts, you can add a bit of creative finish and flair to areas that we normally neglect!


Placemats and coasters

If you want to upcycle your flooring offcuts but do not have the DIY skills to attempt a difficult project, then turning them into stylish placemats and coasters is an easy way to upcycle. Simple, yet creative, these are an excellent use for vinyl offcuts, as any marks can be easily wiped away thanks to the waterproof nature of the material. 



If you have larger pieces of solid or engineered wood offcuts, then a clever way to use them would be to glue the pieces together to create a base shelving unit. This doesn’t necessarily have to be for a wall, you can use the same principle to create a bath shelf for those relaxing nights in. If you have laminate offcuts, layering them can offer better strength, but won’t provide the same structural integrity. So don’t use it to shelve books! 


Bathroom and kitchen backsplash

If you’re renovating or refurbishing your bathroom or kitchen, then vinyl or laminate offcuts are perfect to create a matching backsplash. Waterproof and wipe clean, they can tie in your flooring and interior design together without any extra cost. 


Home Decor

By using your offcuts, you can create a range of useful accessories and decorations for around your home. Create L shapes with your wood offcuts to make bookends, glue any strips of beading or wood together to make a cutting board (but please remember to sand it first!) or attach hooks to an offcut for a stylish key holder! There are so many creative ideas online about how to upcycle your offcuts, the only limit is your imagination. 



If you have a lot of solid wood or engineered wood offcuts, then you may decide to create furniture such as small cabinets, side tables or even a wine rack! You can either build them from scratch with your offcuts, or cover existing furniture to give a beautiful wood finish. For the final touches to your new furniture, take a look at our finishing oils to add colour and elegance to your pieces and really impress your friends and family!


Photo frames

Beading, skirting, and profile offcuts are perfect for making wood photo frames. For larger pictures, artwork or posters, skirting is ideal to create a statement piece. You can paint or oil your photo frames to match your refurbished room. Décor doesn’t have to be expensive! 


Plant holder

Wall plants are currently a hot trend for 2022 and both laminate and wood offcuts are great for creating your own plant holders. If using vinyl or laminate, make sure to layer your offcuts with a strong adhesive to get the thickness you require. Shape your offcuts and drill holes into the top. Attach to the wall and fill with air plants for a modern take on interior house plant displays. 


Upcycling and recycling with Direct Wood Flooring

Although a lot of our products are recyclable, here at Direct Wood Flooring we want to make sustainability the heart of our products. So whilst we aim to give our customers the possibility to choose products made from more sustainable materials that can be recycled again one day, we think upcycling any flooring offcuts are a great step towards creating a more environmentally friendly world, without compromising on style! Together, we can make a big difference. 

With a huge range of hardwood and engineered wood flooring products, as well as some beautiful vinyl tiles and laminate flooring designs, we have the flooring finish to suit your style. So, if you’re looking to refurbish or start a new project, then please contact us today to get a quote, or order your free samples. 

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