In Partnership With Baytree Interiors

Let’s talk 2021 trends that have taken the interior industry not by storm, but by hurricane. In particular; New neutrals and the neutral interior trend. Where colour is concerned mustard is out and greige, and beige are in. Our Sister Brand Flooring Superstore has partnered with interior specialists, Baytree Interiors to help with inspiration when it comes to getting the style with this popular trend. 

Greige Is In


You may have been familiar with the grey trend that has entered the homes of millions over the last few years. Well, this neutral trend has evolved even further from your typical grey, to greige. 


Greige blends the popular interior colours of grey and beige, creating the perfect balance of cool chic tones, and warm inviting tones. Due to the neutral qualities of this trend, it is easy to introduce brighter colours or metals and woods to accentuate and accessorise with. 


This level of versatility is what has seen this trend become widely adopted by homes across the globe. 


Just look at this hallway inspired by the greige trend using Flooring Superstores Salvador Range


Introducing this trend in your hallway sets the tone for the rest of your home and can create a calm and welcoming space to invite your guests into. 


Using side tables, side boards, lamps and ornaments are the perfect way to set off your entrance hall. Baytree Interiors are stockists of some amazing options to match this trend. Their Scandi-inspired Nordic Collection Console Table effortlessly complements this decor. 


Go a step further and inject fascinating talking points with modish embellishments such as the Hudson Adjustable Large Table Lamp and Large Metallic Bamboo Lantern.  


Earthy Tones 


Earthy tones are another interior trend that won’t sound like they’re something new, and to be truthful. They’re not. The browns, the beiges, the pale greens have always been around. But not like this. 


When paired with the right furnishings, accessories and complementing design materials (e.g wood, metal) using these earthy tones can create a beautifully stylish and soothing environment to relax in.


Previously, neutral carpets have been a play-safe option. Primarily used as a base to easily pair with any design whilst bringing a comfortable homely tone to your space. 


Now, these neutral shades of carpet are very much a foundational aspect of your interior should you adopt this trend. 


When coupled with natural wood tones, easily introduced with furnishings such as coffee tables, side tables or even chairs, this can bring a luxurious aesthetic to your home. 

neutral interior trend



Flooring Superstore’s collaboration with Baytree Interiors demonstrates this design perfectly, using the Toffee Silk carpet from their Mont Blanc range, and the Live Edge Collection River Coffee Table from Baytree Interiors. 


Grey Is Still The Way 


Now we couldn’t leave this one out of the list. Whilst grey has been in for the last few years in interiors, in accessories, paints and furnishings and seems to be making its way out, where flooring is concerned, grey is still very much in. 


This is because like the rest of these neutral trends, it is extremely adaptable. You pretty much have free reign when it comes to the interiors that surround a grey flooring. 


So if you’re one for changing up your interiors frequently, a neutral grey flooring might be a great option to include in your design. 



The grey trend is perfect for those who enjoy a chic design. This pairing of Flooring Superstore’s Everest Satin Dream, with tasteful accessories such as Baytree Interiors’ Farah Collection Silver Coffee Table makes for a classy, contemporary result. 


And there we have it! The rundown on all things neutral in the interiors department. Hopefully we offered some home inspo, and at the very least introduced the word ‘greige’ into your interiors repertoire. If you have any questions regarding flooring, then get in touch with one of our experts today.