Guide to Rustic Interiors

Rustic interiors strike the perfect balance between comfort and ruggedness. The beauty in rustic design is how natural elements complement the clever use of a space’s unrefined charm. So where should you start when it comes to creating your own rustic interior?

Colour Palette

You guessed it, natural colours are the preference when it comes to rustic interiors. Greys, browns and greens are common colours that are rife within a rustic home, and help to create warmth.

With other interior design concepts, a colour palette is ordinarily designed from flat colours to match textured elements such as upholstery. In rustic interiors, the colour palette usually takes inspiration from natural materials; think wood, leather, or stone when forming the basis of your palette.


When looking at furniture, simple works best. The design and shape take a backseat, allowing the natural materials to shine through. Whilst modern interiors favour minimalist furniture (often meaning tiny sofas and even smaller tables), rustic interiors favour the oversized look. It’s more inviting, and instantly appears more comfortable.

Furniture for Rustic Interior Rustic Dining Table from Etsy

To achieve the desired look through your furniture, it’s worth considering an upcycling approach. A connection to the past is what gives many rustic interiors their charm, and used furniture can give exactly that. Rather than buying new, shop around for pieces with character and enquire about having them restored. An old dressing table can become your new favourite showpiece with a sand and lick of paint!


If you’re committed to achieving a rustic look with your interior design, a change in flooring may play a big part. It should follow the same natural theme as the rest of the space, meaning stone, tile or wood are all good options.

Solid or engineered wood flooring are the most efficient when it comes to the authentic wooden look and feel. Choose something that will add a warm feel to your décor, carefully choosing a colour that suits your preference. The grains and twisting knots will add to a room’s character, with brushed wood flooring being the preferred choice to make these more accentuated.

If a wooden floor is out of budget, there are alternatives such as laminate flooring that give you the same feel at a fraction of the price. Certain ranges, such as our Chalet range, devote themselves to rustic interiors, meaning you’re spoiled for choice. Luckily, Direct Wood Flooring offer up to four free wood samples!

A rustic interior is all about making the most of natural elements, whilst still creating a homely, comforting space. It’s a broad term, one which encompasses many different design elements. You can incorporate modern features in moderation, whereas you can also include rustic elements in the relatively contemporary interior you already have. It’s all about striking a balance.

Charming and authentic, rustic is difficult to pin down as one exact style. Find an interior that works for you, while you stay true to a natural and unrefined look.

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