How Do I Maintain An Oiled Wood Floor?

Oiled wood floors are hugely popular thanks to the beautiful, yet natural finish brought out through the oil. Oil accentuates the character that can be found in wood floors, so is an excellent choice if you are looking for a classic style or homely finish. 

You can buy pre-treated oiled wood floors from most flooring companies, including here at Direct wood flooring, or you can buy an oil treatment for application yourself. However, it doesn’t provide much protection against the rigours of daily life, so it is important to maintain any wood floors that you have in your home to keep them looking as good as they did when they were first laid. 

So, how do you maintain your oiled wood floors throughout your home?



Continued maintenance of any wood floor requires regular cleaning to avoid any dust or dirt scratching or damaging the surface of the wood. Therefore regular sweeping is a must for oiled wood floors. 

Although a lot of oil treatments now are water repellent, we would still advise on not using too much water when cleaning your floors as this can cause damage to the oiled wood planks and we would not recommend using floor cleaner, bleach or any other all purpose cleaner as this can cause blemishes and leave your floor dull. 

If there are any spillages onto your oiled wood floor, then wipe up immediately to prevent stains. If you have a water stain on your floor, then please check out our blog post Remove water stains from wood floors for further help and advice. 

If you are concerned about removing dirt, you can buy specialist cleaners made specifically for oiled floors from any reputable flooring stores and some hardware shops.



Regular maintenance can help keep your oiled wood floors looking fresh and beautiful, as well as letting the natural grain stand out. 

Oiled floors should be cleaned regularly, but should also be treated with specialist products such as an oil refresher or our oil tints to help restore tired looking wood.

Use of these products can help protect both solid wood and engineered wood flooring from everyday life. Choose one that is resistant to common drink spills such as coffee and wine and is suitable for children. 

Although oil can give a natural sheen, oiled wood flooring is remarkably slip-resistant, so you can be rest assured that it is a suitable product for use around your home. 

Here at Direct Wood Flooring we would recommend using a refresher product several times a year or as and when it is needed, but please make sure that the floor is cleaned before applying any oil and be aware that some coats may take 12 hours or more to properly dry. 


Help from Direct Wood Flooring

Here at Direct Wood Flooring we supply wood oil for use on all types of untreated real wood floors. Floor Oil gives a natural soft sheen, whilst enhancing the colour and grain of the timber. It provides a stain and scratch resistant finish and is micro porous to allow the wood to breathe. 

A lot of our oiled, high-quality wood flooring comes with an enhanced oil coating that is highly durable and enhances the colour of our specially chosen wood and really brings out the signature wooden grains. 

We also sell our oiled solid wood and engineered wood products in a range of fantastic finishes, as well as products to help protect your home. We also provide complete clean and revive wood flooring kits to help keep your wood floor looking beautiful, no matter what daily life may throw at it.  

We offer fast delivery, up to four free samples and free returns within 100 days, so you are guaranteed to find the right oiled wood flooring for you and have it installed quickly and easily. We also offer 0% Finance on orders over £500, so why not check out some of our products today and you could be enjoying a new floor in your home very soon. 

So, if you are looking to fix, improve or maintain your current wood floor, refurbish a room, or start a new project, or simply need some professional advice on applying wood oil to your floor, then please contact us today to get a quote, advice or order your free flooring samples.    

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