Autumn Interior Design Trends

Interior trends come and go. As summer fades, and the colder months hit, we want to ensure our homes are as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible; the days of being outdoors in the sun are now just a mere memory until next year.  Let’s look at some of this year's autumn interior trends, and how you can introduce them into your home. 

Walnut Wood


The first autumn interior design trend on our list focuses on the introduction of walnut wood. As wood is a material that makes up many interior components, this helps to facilitate walnut wood being introduced in more ways than one.


Coffee tables, chairs, ornaments, flooring. You name it; the luxurious, rich tones walnut wood delivers adds character and expense to any room of your home. 



This trend sees your home brought to life with a natural charm and beauty embracing the elements, and allowing a setting made beautiful with plant life, and warm furnishings. 


In a bathroom, the likely use of walnut wood would be flooring. Utilising sharp colours to decorate the other areas of the room, such as white tile, aids in a sleek contrast and brings out those dark inviting tones in the flooring. 

Flooring to Suit this Trend


As this particular trend features a species of wood, there are plenty of wood flooring types to cover the ground and keep up to date with this interior design trend of 2020.


To achieve the most authentic finish, you need to aim for dark, rich tones.


The brand new range EvoCore Nature would make for a great option. Featuring real wood layers, with natural aspects such as knots and grains from exposure to the outdoors. Pulling out those coffee undertones, this high-end flooring option adds a certain element of grandeur to any room. 


Engineered wood is extremely durable, taking the pressures of busy family homes, as well as looking amazing. Walnut engineered wood offers the perfect blend of style and practicality.


EvoCore Nature is another flooring that offers home-wide suitability, has a built-in cork underlay, and is highly durable. With those being just a few benefits the EvoCore Nature range has to offer. 


Laminate flooring is another flooring type option available in a walnut tone. This is one of the more price friendly options and will have a wider range of options to choose from. It’s extremely durable, scratch resistant and is long lasting. 

EvoCore Nature

Chalky Pink


Next on the list we’ll focus on making your living space a place of peace and tranquillity with this autumn interior design trend: chalky pink!


2020 has seen a rise in the need of looking after our minds. With pandemics, lock-downs and health being part of the collateral, it is important to look after your mind amongst all of the chaos. Having a peaceful place to kick back and relax can help you do just that. 


Pink is being introduced more and more across all areas of the home, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Chalky Pink kitchen

Creating this desired autumn interior design trend is easy because of the versatility involved. 


With the trend being colour-related, it means that this can be introduced with paint, accessories or furnishings. 


However you wish to bring in those calming tones, you won’t be disappointed with the end result. 


Flooring to Suit this Trend


With this trend, as a calming environment is aimed to be achieved, the suited flooring types come from those offering lighter tones. Opt for a light grey, or light oak colour flooring. This gives a light and airy feel, providing that serene setting to unwind in. 


With this flooring trend being commonly adopted in bathrooms, a flooring suited both practically and stylishly, is EvoCore

EvoCore Ranges

Available in a variety of ranges, EvoCore will certainly have a flooring suited to contrast your chalky pink decor.


EvoCore Essential and Premium ranges offer a wide range of benefits including: In-built underlay, high durability, waterproof, anti-slip surface, easy to install and is pet friendly. To name a few!


EvoCore 360 offers a host of benefits that will aid in adding an authenticity to your autumn interior design trend. Tiled and wood design, 360 click lock system can lay in herringbone pattern, and homewide suitability are just some of the benefits EvoCore 360 offers. 


Not only have you got a host of colours to choose from, with your light greys, and natural light oak shades to suit your chalky pink haven, but you’ve got amazing practical benefits too. 


EvoCore Nature again is suitable homewide, easy to maintain and has a real wood veneer, so you can bring a touch of the naturality of outside in. 


Another flooring type to complement this chalky pink style is laminate. Laminate is available in a range of styles and colours, including those needed to achieve this look, as well as being durable and hard wearing for those high traffic areas of the home!

Emerald Green


Our next autumn design trend that has made the list is bringing in the colour emerald green. While we’re about to tell you how to best fulfill this design trend, don’t worry, we aren’t about to suggest you go pick up the yellow bricks to form a road in your living room. 

emerald green

What we are going to suggest, however, is that you get the paint brush out and lather your walls in this opulent complexion. 


This autumn interior trend has taken off, and really comes into its own when coupled with darker surroundings such as dark wood floors, seaweed coloured plant life and black framed images. 


Another tip to get the full effect of this affluent emerald green tone is to include luxurious textures. Velvet soft furnishings such as couches furnished with pillows of a darker scheme all aid in completing the look. 


Flooring to Suit this Trend


The emerald green tones bring ease in introducing wood flooring into this design as the emerald green echoes the outside world with natural colours. 


Bringing the dark wood flooring into the mix continues to replicate this feel, and as we already know from beautiful outdoor landscapes and scenery that these colours affiliated with nature look amazing together, we already know these will work in the home. 


Because dark wood tones would make an exceptional pairing with this design, EvoCore and engineered wood flooring offer a significant amount of benefits, and offer those luxurious forest tones. 


Solid wood however, needs a moment to shine. With a luxurious finish, low maintenance, the ability to sand down and refinish when damaged and a long lifespan, solid wood is a great option. 

Emerald green floorings

However, where kitchens and bathrooms are concerned, solid wood should be avoided due to temperature and moisture fluctuations resulting in the possible expansion and contraction of the flooring due to it being made from natural materials. 


Alternative options to solid wood include laminate or EvoCore. Both of these flooring types offer an array of styles to choose from including in the darker wood tones needed to achieve this look, as well as having the suitability essential for these rooms.


Fun Bathroom Designs


Moving on to one of the more colourful trends on the list of autumn interior design trends of 2020: fun bathroom designs!


Now this one is a subjective matter, which is why we’ve included a few fun bathroom designs to give your creative side a kick in the right direction. 


Brace yourself for a whole lot of colour, patterns and funky designs. 





This fun bathroom trend sees patterns fill our bathrooms and en-suites, and the quirkier the better. 


Complemented with typical, simple white bathroom furnishings, these patterns are made to stand out even more given the contrast of plain to patterned.


Bringing patterned accessories, wallpaper and flooring into the mix will give you the desired look.


Flooring to Suit this Trend


Where patterns are concerned, why not opt for the full package and add more patterns! Vinyl flooring is a great way to do this, available in a range of colours, styles and designs, including the popular tiled option, for bathrooms.

Vinyl is perfect for bathrooms in terms of practicality, too. It’s highly durable, waterproof, comfortable underfoot and doesn’t have to break the bank. 


Prints, prints and more prints!


Prints are another autumn home interior trend that have changed the game when it comes to creating a feature in your home. 


They started in larger rooms of the home, bedrooms, living rooms, and have now made an appearance in smaller rooms such as bathrooms, en-suites and downstairs toilets. 


Prints can be added to your taste level, whether you want to go for the more contemporary feel and go for just a few, or you want to opt for lots. And lots. And lots. The choice is yours.


Either way they made for a great addition, and focal point in a space that can often be hard to decorate due to their practical nature. Finding designs to fit around your bath tubs, showers and sinks can be hard. But not with this fun design idea.


Flooring to Suit this Trend


For this trend your flooring is dependent on the content of your prints. 


Quick tip: contrast the frame to other colours in your bathroom, and then match the flooring to the frames. 


Should you have darker frames, go for a darker flooring. Think rich wood tones. Avoid the greys and whites and rely on those coffee shades. 


Alternatively, if you have lighter coloured frames, white for example, flooring of a white, light grey or light oak would make for a great pairing. 


The EvoCore ranges are great options to consider when it comes to bathroom floorings. Their durability and waterproof features, among a host of other benefits, make it fully functional in withstanding the pressures of the bathroom. 


EvoCore is also available in an array of styles and designs, so this will help when finding a flooring working to your contrast. Both lighter coloured flooring is available to match your lighter frames, as is darker shades, to match darker coloured frames. 


Vinyl is another great option. As previously mentioned its practicality meets the needs of the bathroom, as well as being available in a range of colours, designs and patterns. So if you want to opt for further contrast, those tiled black and white floors are a great choice.


Pop of colour. Or two.

pop of colour

Adding a pop of colour is another great autumn interior design trend we’re loving!

Bright colours are a great way to achieve that wow factor in your bathroom. Typically, bathrooms are not the largest rooms in the home. So adding those bright summer colours to lighten up the place means it hits you as soon as you walk in. 


These colours also complement the features in the bathroom well, with them being white, it adds to the contrast, further brightening the pops of colour. 


Flooring to Suit this Trend


Flooring to complement this interior design trend of 2020, similar to other trends we’ve mentioned, work best relying on contrast. 


Often a darker wood flooring achieves the best option with brighter colours such as orange and yellow. Whereas darker vibrant colours such as greens, and blues would contrast better with lighter wood floorings.


But as we’re referring to a host of possibility colour wise, we’ll focus on the suitability for bathrooms. As previously mentioned, vinyl and EvoCore are great flooring options for this design idea, with a host of both practical and personal benefits suited to the pressures the bathroom delivers. 


So for bathroom designs, you’re definitely not short of interior design options.


Multi-functional Spaces 


Moving on to a more versatile autumn interior design trend of 2020. Multi-functional spaces. 


The last few years have seen a rise in open plan living spaces, thus creating a rise in multi-functional spaces. From living and dining areas, to kitchen and dining areas, or all three. 


With this home design, many more people are opting for segmentation. Whilst they desire the open plan living, a differentiation of the areas in the space is still desired. 


For instance, a different flooring type, colour or style in the kitchen space is used to what is being used in the living or dining area. 


Flooring to Suit this Trend


A great flooring option for this is EvoCore 360.


EvoCore 360 is the most versatile flooring on the market, featuring a 360 omni-click system, it allows for not only an easy installation, but the ability to lay in a herringbone pattern, mix and match colours and fit wood to tile together seamlessly. 

These abilities make segmenting these areas easily attainable. 


Not only that, EvoCore 360 has practical features that make it perfect for these types of living space. With kitchens often being a prime component of these open plan, multi-functional spaces, EvoCore 360’s being suitable home-wide, waterproof, easy to maintain, this not only makes a great flooring for segmenting areas, but it works well in all areas of the home. 




Finally, we’ve saved the most autumnal design trend for last. Obvious maybe, but introducing those crisp warm tones into your living space can produce a welcoming, cosy space to spend those colder evenings. Amber, rust and burnt orange tones naturally associate with autumn, supplying warm vibes that give the desired, comfortable setting. 


This autumn interior design trend can be delivered by introducing these colours in painting your walls with these autumnal shades, accessorising with pillows and ornaments of these shades, or hanging prints featuring these colours. 

Orange trend

Flooring to Suit this Trend


With this trend, to further enhance the cosy theme, bring in a darker wood floor. This will aid in darkening the room slightly, further adding to the snug, homely space. 


Usually actioned in living rooms where this trend can be appreciated to its full extent; lamps on, feet up and hot drink in hand, you have a range of flooring options to couple with it. 


With the better flooring options being colour-dependent, laminate, solid wood, engineered wood, LVT or EvoCore would all be ample options. 


These floorings all offer a range of colours and styles to match this design. 


Fallen For Fall Trends?


So you’re up to date with the latest autumn interior design trends and know how to achieve them. It’s now up to you to implement them!


Get started with choosing the perfect flooring to match your design by ordering free samples today. If you have any questions regarding your flooring purchase, get in touch with one of our experts now.