Freddy My Love X Direct Wood Flooring 

We’re excited to share our collaboration with YouTube star Freddy Cousin Brown. Freddy is in the process of renovating her London flat, and we are happy to have helped with the process of transforming her home. 

Let’s look at what flooring Freddy My Love loved and opted for in her kitchen and living room, and how you can get the ‘Freddy look’ in your home too. 


Farmhouse Chic With Freddy My Love


Where kitchen designs are concerned, Freddy My Love has a modern yet homely feel - Let’s go with farmhouse chic for this humbling interior. 


Initially she was looking to install solid wood due to the beauty of the organic features and authenticity of natural wood. However, because solid wood can expand and warp with the temperature and moisture fluctuations, we advise not installing this in a kitchen. 


“I got advised against solid wood in a kitchen, so I had to find another nice option”


And that she did! After browsing our fantastic range of laminates, she opted for one from our hyper realistic wood Vintage Narrow range

Vintage Narrow Range

“It’s literally like wood, I can’t believe it. It’s not like laminate at all. It’s got a realistic grain and texture with knots in it like real wood has. I never thought laminate would be this nice.”


This range beautifully replicates real wood thanks to a high quality bevel and has a host of other amazing benefits to offer too:


  • Highly durable
  • Low maintenance 
  • Scratch guard
  • Stain-guard
  • Slip resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Underfloor heating 


The result is simply charming, and fits perfectly with her kitchen décor. 


“I’m beside myself, it looks so beautiful! I can’t believe how affordable it was either.”


Not only is this range stunning and excellently replicates wood flooring, but it is also a cheaper alternative to your typical real wood flooring options. So you can achieve that luxury feel without breaking the bank. 


Traditional meets Contemporary


Along with collaborating on her kitchen floor, we also helped Freddy My Love create her dream living room too. 


Choosing an elegant traditional style engineered wood flooring, she has completely transformed her living room into a perfectly balanced contemporary yet traditional space.


Our Avignon Natural Oak Versailles Tile Engineered Wood flooring, adds a magnificent statement piece to her large living room, creating a grand luxurious and inviting space. 


Just ask Freddy herself:


“It looks so elegant and so unique. I am just speechless. I can’t believe it. I think it looks absolutely incredible!”


This distinguished flooring not only provides a lavish conversation piece but offers a wide range of benefits for the space you lay it in. 


  • Highly durable
  • Easy to fit
  • Can be refinished
  • Looks just like solid wood 
  • Great temperature resistance 
  • Amazing warranties 


So if you’re looking to revamp your home and add a touch of luxury and elegance. This may be the flooring for you. 


If you like any of the flooring ranges from Freddy My Love and her collaboration, then you can order Free Samples today from our site