What are the benefits of laminate flooring?

Is that wood flooring you ask? No, it’s laminate, but shhh don’t tell anyone! An impressive & convincing alternative to wood flooring, laminate has become increasingly realistic and with its great number of benefits, it has become a firm favourite for busy households. So what are the benefits of laminate flooring? Lets discuss.

Laminate Wood Flooring for the Home

There are many key benefits to laminate flooring. These include:

  • Manufactured to be highly durable
  • Easier and cheaper installation
  • Scratch and water resistant
  • Hygienic, easy cleanable surface.
  • Realistic design


Laminate consists of a photo image enclosed by a series of protective and high density layers. These are bonded together to create a highly durable floor.

The improvements made in laminate manufacturing has helped to create more genuine finishes and the ability to produce in mass quantities. This is not only good for our décor, but also good for our bank balance; mass manufacturing makes it cheaper to produce which means it’s also cheaper for us to buy, perfect.

Easier and Cheaper Installation

With an in-built click system, laminates are easy to install and therefore cheaper to install – one board simply clicks into the other! Its simple system means that for those DIYers out there, you could even fit your laminate flooring yourself.


Laminate Wood Flooring Click System Laminate Wood Flooring Click System


Scratch & Water Resistance  

Laminate is perfect for those with families or whose home hosts an abundance of guests. Manufacturers ensure its top layer is highly resistant to scratches and water. This means it can cope with the pressures of day-to-day life with ease.

However, although laminate is scratch resistant, we still recommend the use of furniture pads beneath furniture legs to help avoid any scratching, and placing mats in heavy use areas such as entrance ways and in the kitchen.

Being water-resistant also enables laminate flooring to easily be laid in a kitchen, W.C, and conservatory where spillages and humidity fluctuations are frequent - solid wood should be avoided in these rooms due to its sensitivity to water and humidity. Some laminates can now even be laid in a bathroom where water spillages and humidity fluctuations are more extreme – remember to check with the laminate manufacturer first to see if your chosen laminate is suitable for this room.

Plus, with the backing layers of laminate also being resistant to moisture, it is unlikely that your laminate will warp or distort due to moisture from the ground below.

Hygienic, Easy Cleanable Surface

Another one of the benefits of laminate flooring is that its surface is easy to clean, only needing regular sweeping and mopping with mild detergent and water– which is perfect for those with a clumsy nature or with kids who like nothing better but than making a mess! It is also great for allergy sufferers as there is nowhere for dust or allergens to hide.

Realistic Design

Some laminates are so natural looking in appearance it is difficult to decipher whether or not it is actually wood. Although these laminates tend to be higher in price, you get all the benefits of a laminate with a beautiful finish. Available in a huge range of finishes and colours, laminate flooring ranges in price depending on its realism. You can choose from; no bevel at all; a 2V bevel which accentuates the length of the boards; and 4V which is commonly used on wood which is the most realistic, emphasising the board all the way round.

Manor Peterson Oak Beige Laminate Flooring Manor Peterson Oak Beige Laminate Flooring - With a 4V Bevel.

Low in cost, easy and cheap to install, scratch and water resistant. Laminate flooring is also a hygienic and easy cleanable surface with a realistic design; the benefits of laminate flooring are second to none. Take a look at our wide range of high quality laminate products and find your new laminate flooring today!