Styling with Autumn Shades

It’s that time of year again, where a fusion of golden ambers and russet reds with their warm, glowing tones take reign over our landscape and there is a crispness to the air that brings an instant flush to your cheeks. There is nothing better than getting home after a day spent out in the cold and having the feeling of warmth embrace you. A wooden floor, with its varying accents of colour and unique grain patterns adds instant depth to a room and a general touch of luxury. Infuse the rich autumn shades into your home with a golden oak or an opulent mahogany wood floor and let the perception of warmth emanate around you.

Golden Hues

Golden Wood Flooring Golden Manor Oak Lacquered, Engineered Wood Flooring

Illuminating & enriching, golden woods simply radiate and enhance their surroundings – adding an air of prestige to a busy household. Whilst not too light and not too dark, these colours help to hide those unfortunate yet inevitable scratches.

This palette of shades is relatively neutral and whilst it demands attention, it doesn’t overpower the décor which means you have a little more artistic license to play with. Plus, they wonderfully compliment a huge range of styles from traditional to modern. A few styling suggestions would be:

  1. Golden woods compliment neutral shades and pastel hues amazingly well. Introduce rustic accessories for a cosy farmhouse/cottage vibe or sleek and simple accessories for a more modern and chic contemporary look.

Golden Wood Flooring Golden Wood with eclectic decor. Credit:

  1. Go bold with an eclectic décor. Contrast the stunning golden tones with white walls and splashes of bold block colours and patterns to create a striking and vivacious look that will not only brighten up your room but create an inviting and snug ambiance.


Russet Hues

Mahogany Wood Flooring Narrow Royal Mahogany Lacquered, Solid Wood Flooring

Stunningly intense in colour, mahogany woods are best coated with a lacquer. The glossiness of this finish beautifully accentuates the strong, red and brown tones creating a statement floor that would not only add an air of warmth but a level of sophistication and affluence.

Due to its striking and bold appearance, you need to be careful how you style your room. A few styling suggestions would be:

  1. Pair with crisp white or deep creams (this will add more warmth) and splashes of colour. Accessories and art also give an elegant and fresh finish.
  1. Dress your walls with deep creams, light grey or muted shades of colour complimented with soft or pastel coloured accessories. This achieves a more relaxed and refined atmosphere.

Mahogany Wood Flooring Pastel and soft shades

  1. Invest fully in the autumn shades palette. Terracotta and copper shades combined with iridescent accessories create a Moroccan theme with a warm ambience.
  1. Dark walls would create a strong, bold finish to a room. Combine with ornate furnishing to create an even more impressive look.
  1. Richly patterned, traditional wallpaper would create a more historic finish that would be perfect alongside mahogany furniture and luxurious furnishings.


Add Extra Warmth

To add extra warmth to your home, buy an engineered wood and install underfloor heating. Note that you cannot install this under solid wood!


So that’s how to infuse your décor with autumn shades and make it warm and inviting on your return home. If you are looking for a new wood floor this Autumn, look no further than our range of wood flooring.