Engineered Wood Flooring Plank - Not Quite What we Meant!

Weathered Bavarian Oak Engineered Wood

When you think engineered wood plank this isn’t quite what you would expect! Keeled over with laughter, we saw our lovely customer’s son, Ruari, finishing off this oiling in style with a plank to be proud of!

Engineered wood flooring comes in a variety of finishes; oiled, lacquered, brushed, hand carved stained/painted, whitewashed, smoked or left unfinished after the wood has been treated. This Weathered Bavarian Oak Engineered Wood range has a lovely finish with the brushed and oiled technique - which brings an authentic feel to this gorgeous kitchen setting.


Weathered Bavarian Oak Engineered Wood Flooring - 1


To preserve the longevity of the flooring, oiled wood generally requires re-finishing every 2 years. This will nourish the wood and restore it back to its premium state. Whilst a maintenance kit will keep your flooring looking pristine, one of the main benefits of oiled wood flooring is the ability to remove any stubborn marks or deflects with the oil treatment. This customer experienced water marks, although they're easy to repair with a light sugar soaping and fresh coat of oil.


After covering the flooring, Ruari then noticed they'd missed a small patch. He quickly seized the opportunity to demonstrate his unique, yet hilarious, finishing method - in the plank position!

engineered wood flooring


The results speak for themselves.


We don’t think the application would please our health and safety officer; however, it did result in a raw of laughter to the office.

We commend you Ruari for your unique finishing technique - your wood flooring looks amazing!