How To Choose Your Wallpaper To Match Your Flooring?

Are you one for bringing out your personality through your interiors? Then our Sister brand, Flooring Superstores’ collaboration with I Love Wallpaper might peak your interest. With quirky and stylish designs offering a wide range of aesthetics, you’ll be able to easily take inspiration and replicate these in your homes. 

Bold and Beautiful Interiors


If making a statement is something you want to achieve with your home décor, then you might want to take out your notepad and take down some tips on this bold and beautiful interior design. 


I love wallpaper - bold and beautiful interiors Studio White Laminate


Using eccentric wallpaper as a feature piece, such as I Love Wallpapers Paradise Floral Wallpaper, can help to create a statement in your space, and tell your guests you have bold style, and you’re not afraid to use it!


Additionally, using eye-catching designs delivered through your wallpaper, can offset the rest of your room, where you can opt for more subtle pieces to tie together the design as a whole. 


Neutral furnishings and flooring is perfect for pairing with distinctive wallpapers. Flooring Superstore’s Studio White Laminate Flooring is the perfect companion for eccentric designs such as this. 


This helps to balance out the beautiful and striking patterns on the wallpaper. It also ensures that the design resonates with style and rather than chaos. 


The Modern Minimalist Interiors


This next interior style is one that is making a rise in the interiors industry. The modern minimalist. 

I love wallpaper - modern minimalist interiors Studio Vanilla Oak Engineered Wood

The modern minimalist design sees the cutting down of furnishings and accessories to a minimum, allowing you to focus on bringing out style and beauty, without having to overdo it. 


One way to execute this design is to stay in touch with nature. Extract all of the natural beauty of elements such as real woods and plant life. 


Flooring Superstore’s Studio Vanilla Engineered Wood Flooring exquisitely demonstrates the beauty of nature, showing off natural grains and knots. 


This provides a more organic style. These elements are what help to bring the aesthetic to life when having minimal furnishing and accessories. 


Using a wallpaper that also encompasses the natural and organic aesthetic is a great way to complete this design. 


I Love Wallpapers Banana Leaf Wallpaper does this flawlessly, offering a black and white leaf design to further match the ongoing nature theme.


Sleek and Sophisticated


Looking to show off a sleek and sophisticated style when welcoming guests into your home?

I Love Wallpaper - Interiors Loft Midnight Grey Laminate

Then this versatile design might be to your taste. 


Thanks to a neutral grey palette, the main components of this design are reflected in the Milan Metallic Wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper and Loft Midnight Grey Laminate from Flooring Superstore, you can easily alternate furnishings around this design. 


Not only that, the grey tones throughout this design add a chic modern tone to any space in your home. 


So when attempting a contemporary yet sophisticated decor, grey is certainly the way! 


If you liked what you saw in this fantastic collaboration between I Love Wallpaper and our Sister brand, Flooring Superstore, head over to their sites.