Herringbone vs Chevron Flooring

One of hottest flooring trends this year has to be patterned parquet flooring, with the most popular choices being classic herringbone and chevron style designs.

Parquet flooring can add a classic or contemporary twist to your home or office, depending on your choice of pattern, giving an extra edge of elegance. The tough nature of this flooring makes it suitable for a variety of spaces, including hallways and lounges. Each parquet block is durable and can handle high levels of traffic whilst maintaining the timeless appeal of real wood.

If you are not familiar with the herringbone and chevron patterns, they can look remarkably similar, however there are key differences that we will explore in this blog, so you know which style would be suitable for your home or office space.


Herringbone Flooring

A herringbone design is a series of rectangular wood, laminate and vinyl planks placed at 90 degree angles to each other in a repeating “V” pattern, to create a stunning visual layout. So called, as the pattern resembles that of a rib cage from a herring, this type of parquet flooring can be used to create different patterns if you wish to stray out of the classic design. 

Many businesses will offer types of this flooring with an interlocking "click" system, which makes installation simple and straightforward. You simply click each board with the next, to create a floating floor that does not require any glue or adhesives and can be easily taken up again if you wish to redecorate or redesign your room in the future. 

Herringbone flooring is suitable for all types of spaces thanks to the availability of the planks in different sizes, colours and finishes. 

Width is particularly important with the herringbone design; wider planks can create the feeling of modernity and space, creating a contemporary finish to a room, whilst thinner planks can add a more classical, traditional feel to a room.


Chevron Flooring

The Chevron flooring pattern is also hugely popular, and like the herringbone pattern, it forms a repeated inverted “V” shape when laid out. However, the planks are cut at a 45 degree angle to fit together, rather than the rectangular shaped planks of the herringbone pattern. This particular style is slightly more constrained with what you can do with the design, but as it is widely available in different finishes, textures, and colours, you can make this style your own. 

The Chevron pattern lends itself well to an open plan room, as the geometric effect can create a sweeping sense of movement, but it can also be customised to create colour patterns by mixing your finishes, creating a chic and modern statement floor.

Which should I choose – Herringbone or Chevron

Choosing your pattern will mostly come down to personal preference for style and the interior design itself. However, here are some tips that can help you find which flooring would work best for you:


  • Size of your room: The size of your space is crucial when deciding between herringbone and chevron flooring. The tighter planks and pattern of herringbone means it can cause smaller rooms to feel even smaller, whilst the chevron pattern can create the illusion of space.
  • Borders: Deciding whether to have borders with patterned flooring is crucial. You may not like the pattern running through to the edges of your room, however if you do decide to add a border to either the herringbone or chevron flooring, remember not to make them too thick, as this break up of the pattern can be disconcerting to the eye and make a room feel far smaller than it is.
  • Price: The difference in price between the herringbone and chevron flooring is entirely dependant on what style of parquet boards and finish you choose. Here at Direct Wood Flooring, we offer fantastic prices and deals on both patterns, so you can get exactly what you want to create your perfect space, without having to worry about cost.
  • Installation: The herringbone flooring is available for installation using the “click” system for a floating floor, or you can use the traditional adhesive system for both the herringbone and the chevron flooring. With Direct Wood Flooring you get expert advice on how to install your floor, so whatever pattern you consider, installation is made easy.
  • Style: Both patterns are available in solid wood, engineered wood, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), Laminate and our EvoCore range. This gives you a variety of options and colourways to suit even the most discerning of tastes!


Whatever you decide, both types of wooden floors promise to offer a beautiful addition and an expert blend of style and function in a beautiful design that will look at home in traditional or modern décor for years to come.


Find your style with Direct Wood Flooring

If you are looking to add interest to your flooring, be it at home or a business space, then either herringbone or chevron patterned wood flooring provides the ideal solution. 

Here at Direct Wood Flooring we offer traditional parquet flooring in both patterns, with a huge variety of finishes. From our light Chelsea Chevron Cappuccino Oak in engineered wood, https://www.directwoodflooring.co.uk/chelsea-chevron-cappuccino-oak-brushed-lacquered-engineered-wood-flooring.html that gives a spacious and airy feel to a room, to the more darker look of our classic Herringbone https://www.directwoodflooring.co.uk/classic-herringbone-ebony-lvt-flooring.html for a beautiful traditional finish – we have the parquet flooring to suit all styles and décor. 

If you need any help or advice on any of our herringbone or chevron flooring then please get in touch with us today to discuss your next project, get a quote, or order your free samples.   

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