Flooring Samples | Direct Wood Flooring


Choosing the right floor for your home or business can seem like a huge decision. After all, it can form the base for your style and interior design. 

Samples are a great way of helping you choose the right floor for you, not just to make sure that whatever style you select looks great, but to also ensure that your floor can fit your individual requirements for use. 

Here at Direct Wood Flooring, we offer a free sampling service to our customers, which allows a selection of up to four samples from our product ranges. We stock solid wood and engineered wood flooring as well as laminate flooring, parquet flooring, LVT luxury vinyl tiles and wood floor tiles, so you are sure to find a product that works for you! But how do you make the most of your samples?


Choose a variety of samples

You may or may not have a flooring style in mind when it comes to choosing your interior, however, flooring samples can really help you narrow down your options to see what works for you. 

As there is a broad range of flooring options available, it is best to choose a variety of samples. This allows you to get a genuine feel for how a flooring would look and feel in your home or office space and it means you can compare your samples. So, what do you need to bear in mind?

  • Style: Patterns are on trend right now, so with the popularity of herringbone and chevron growing, you may be tempted to go bold with your flooring choice. If so, remember to also choose a more plain sample, so you can compare. However, our samples are free, so don’t hesitate to experiment with style!
  • Feel: How your samples feel underfoot is a key element of choosing a floor. If you are unsure of what you want, then order samples from a range of products. From solid wood flooring to parquet or laminate. This ensures you take into account not just how your new flooring looks, but how the texture feels underfoot.
  • Colour: Samples are an ideal way of working out a colour palette for your home. Ordering several in different colours allows you to match your flooring to any current décor or work out which colours will work together if you want two types of flooring to run together. Using samples also allows you to get a better idea of how the colour may affect the feel of a space before you commit.


Test your samples 

The purpose of your flooring, such as where it is going and what functionality it needs to have, is key to testing your samples. From wood to vinyl, your flooring will have to stand up to a lot of use, especially if you have children or pets. Therefore, testing your samples to make sure they do what you need them to do is key. 

For example, if you are looking for floor tiles for a bathroom, then you need to test whether they are resistant to water. If you are looking for laminate flooring, you need to make sure your sample doesn’t easily mark or tear. Can your wood flooring sample stand up to spillages and does your parquet flooring sample cope with muddy boots or pawprints?

Your flooring needs to work for your home, so test your samples with as many possible situations you can think of, as this will allow you to create the ideal flooring solution and give you the utmost confidence in your final purchase. 

If you are looking for a product that ticks all your boxes, then check out our EvoCore range. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it is both waterproof and scratch resistant, as well as being anti-slip and reducing noise, making it a suitable choice for your home or office!