Herringbone Parquet Makeover with Sally Fazeli

There’s no doubting herringbone parquet is rising in popularity. Its versatility when it comes to interior design makes it perfect for most tastes and styles. One interior enthusiast we’ve always admired is Sally Fazeli. If you haven’t heard of her, we suggest you check out her Instagram for seriously beautiful home décor inspiration, especially if you're renovating you own home.

We were so pleased to work with Sally on transforming her son Remy’s bedroom. Complete with a jungle mural and mini tipi, who knew it was so easy to be envious of a toddler’s bedroom?

We caught up with Sally to discuss the project, in addition to where she found her inspiration for Remy’s new room.


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Where did you draw inspiration from when looking for ideas for Remy’s new bedroom?

I drew a lot of inspiration from Instagram actually. I have a few different boards that I’ve created; one being ‘kids room’ and every time I see anything I like, I save. It’s great because most of the pics are tagged with where the items are from too. It also opens my eyes to new places to find interior inspiration that I previously never knew of.

How did his room look before the incredible transformation?

We only moved into this house a year and a half ago and the previous owners had painted it a magnolia colour teamed with a red, grey and black carpet that was really not my taste. I knew that would be the first thing to go.

What made you choose herringbone parquet?

I actually saw it on an Instagram account. They had a similar flooring in their living room and thought it would look lovely in Remy’s room. There’s something quite grand and traditional about it and we have a Victorian home so it felt like a good fit.

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How did you find the DWF website to use? Could you find what you were looking for with ease?

Yep it was super easy, and perfect for people like me who aren’t DIY-savvy.

How was the service you received?

Amazing! The people who delivered the flooring were so lovely too and made sure everything was okay before they left. The whole operation from ordering to be being delivered was very slick.

Are you pleased with the end result?

Yes I love it! It looks amazing and already I keep getting asked what flooring I’ve used, so it seems to be loved by others too. It feels really nice underfoot and I adore how it’s transformed a very plain room into something super stylish!

Would you recommend this flooring to your friends?

Yes absolutely! I actually want to order more myself for a couple of other rooms in our house.

Herringbone parquet is as beautiful as it is long-lasting, therefore now is the right time to order your free samples!

Sally used unfinished herringbone in this room. If you’re thinking about wood flooring for your bedroom, get in touch with a flooring expert by calling 03333 201 933, or email [email protected] and a member of our team will get back to you.