Summer Style: 11 Interior & Flooring Trends for 2020

Worried you’re falling behind on the latest summer décor trends? Well, worry no more. We’ve got the latest 2020 flooring trends to make sure your home makes the grade with this summer interior trends.


When it comes to the latest styles and trends, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Interior is subjective after all, and we all have our own unique taste. We have accumulated our favourite summer interior ideas, to help inspire you and keep you on trend this summer. 

  • Indoor jungles: a natural, urban effect ambience to your space.
  • Herringbone and Chevron Flooring: a timeless style where classic meets contemporary.
  • Sustainable flooring: looking amazing whilst playing a part in the conservation of our ecosystem. 
  • Panelling is an easy and stand out way to add bold features.
  • Rustic décor incorporates period features whilst still having a modern home.
  • Fun patterned floors add an engaging attribute to your smaller spaces.
  • Beach vibes make the most out lighter tones, creating that refreshing airy feel to your home.
  • Bringing a pop of colour into your home is a simple way to make a bold statement.
  • Add more texture and depth to your space by injecting a bit of fun to your room with patterns. 
  • Abstract décor can be a great way to bring unique features to your home. 
  • Black is back and here to make a statement. With the ability to contrast many colours, it allows for daring designs. 

Latest Trends and Styles: 

Interior pages crowd your social media, and the summer sun rays intrude through your windows as we enter the prime periods of heat for the summer. The pressure is on to make our homes current and refreshing. 


You want to create an enjoyable space to spend time with your loved ones - right? 


Well, here are some summer interior ideas to inspire you to do just that, and breathe new life into your home. 


Indoor Jungle


Starting to notice the introduction of plant life in the homes of your friends or family? Then you need to catch up! This summer 2020 interior trend incorporates urban décor and dark wood floors, and is achievable in any home. 


Further, plant life is a great way to tie a simplistic aesthetic and nature together. This is often a minimalistic setting with little furnishings, enhanced by the emerald tones in greenery that ornament the room, providing a jungle vibe. 

Summer home décor - Home filled with plant life


To obtain the full effect and draw out the tones of the decorative vegetation, a dark wood flooring is a great way to contrast. This almost replicates the tones and textures seen in a jungle, and is a great way to captivate your guests, giving them a stylish urban vibe to relax in. 


A wide range of flooring options are available to allow versatility. When it comes to colours and wood effect, most flooring types, such as solid and engineered wood, laminate, luxury vinyl tiles and EvoCore, will accommodate this look, offering darker shades and tones. 


However, to maximise the naturality, engineered wood flooring would provide the full effect having a top layer of real wood with genuine features found in wood. Exposing knots, grains and mineral markings that are caused by the effects of the outdoors. 

Flooring to Compliment This Trend

Farmhouse Golden Smoked Oak Engineered wood  Loft Summer Oak Engineered Wood Salcombe Smoked Ember Oak Engineered Wood
Farmhouse golden smoked oak engineered flooring Loft summer oak flooring Salcombe Smoked Ember Flooring
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Timeless - Herringbone and Chevron flooring


Sometimes, some things just never get old; flooring styles such as herringbone and chevron are no exception. These 2020 flooring trends really bring a focal point to your space. And, with so much going on at your feet, the rest of your furnishings and décor don’t have to be over the top. 




Herringbone flooring refers to the timeless, zigzag pattern parquet blocks are laid in to form a distinctive fishbone style. This gives a classic yet contemporary finish to any room in your home.



Becoming more and more popular, herringbone flooring can be suited to the styles of many homes due to its timeless appearance. So whether you’re a minimalist or one for retro interiors, this flooring will work with whatever your design aesthetic. 


Herringbone flooring can be purchased in an array of colours to complement your space and personal preference, thus making it achievable for anyone to bring this flooring into their décor. 




Another timeless classic flooring style that brings a focal point to any room due to its distinctive pattern is chevron. The chevron pattern shares resemblance to the herringbone style flooring, with one significant difference: the floorboards are facing each other, creating a “V” shape rather than the iconic zig-zag of herringbone.



Again, with its classic yet contemporary demeanour, this 2020 flooring trend can be introduced into any home, with any aesthetic. 


Like an elegant look with Chesterfield sofas and brass framed paintings? How about a shabby chic feel? Not a problem, this summer home décor will go with any style, and its versatility means that if you want to redecorate - great! This flooring trend will still look amazing with whatever interior changes you want to make.


Never go out of style with these 2020 flooring trends for your summer home décor. 


Sustainability is Stylish


With the ever-present importance to preserve the environment, it is important - now more than ever - that we ensure we’re sustainable and environmentally friendly wherever possible. 


Well, this 2020 flooring trend achieves just that, whilst looking amazing and offering a tonne of other benefits. Let us introduce you to the EvoCore range.


EvoCore flooring is a versatile flooring range that is compatible with any room of the house. Yes, any! Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms; there are no limits. Additionally, EvoCore designs can be bespoke, and to your taste with mix and match colour and style options. Not forgetting, you guessed it… it’s 100% recyclable and eco friendly; it’s even made from 80% recycled materials!




EvoCore offers a range of other benefits too, including: 


  • Waterproof 
  • Antislip 
  • Hardwearing
  • Pet Friendly
  • Premium and Essential ranges offer in built underlay 
  • Easy installation
  • Homewide suitability
  • Noise Reduction
  • Real Wood Feel
  • Hides Subfloor Imperfections


Not only are you doing your part in conservation duties, but your home will look amazing and you’ll be up to date with the latest 2020 flooring trends. 




Now they say history repeats itself, and with this summer interior trend, that appears to correct! Wall panelling is on the rise this summer. Previously used to border a wall, this style segments an over the top wallpaper with a wooden panelled section below. You know the style we mean. In fact, watch any 70’s film, and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.


But, it’s making a comeback. We all love a comeback story, don’t we? 


And the beauty of panelling is that you can do whatever you want with it. No more sticking to the norms. 


Summer home décor - Images of styles of panelling on walls


Squares, rectangles, zigzags; panelling styles are limitless. This summer interior idea is one that is making a bold appearance when coupled with the right flooring. A contrasting colour helps accentuate the panelled wall, and draw focus to it as a key feature of any room. 


Moreover, this look is easily achievable and can be done by anyone at any DIY skill level. With a step by step guide of how to create this look, you can introduce this style into your home in no time.





Now, we'll look at another trend that has had its own comeback story. Rustic.


With summer interior trends grasping onto the idea of combining classic with contemporary, this trend has become a hit for those homeowners with period features that they want to highlight. 


Got beams in your roof? An old oak mantle piece drawing attention to your log burner? Why not harmonise the room with other rustic furnishings and natural looking flooring? Couple this with whites and natural light, and you have your contemporary vibe, whilst still exposing amazing traditional features that make your house unique. 

Summer home décor - Room with rustic decor

This look can be created when buying flooring such as laminate. It offers a real wood feel and striking features and complements the wooden period effects around your home. 


Fun Flooring Patterns


Next, we'll look at a trend that shows wacky is the new wonderful, with fun and “out there” patterns emerging in the 2020 flooring trends department.


The mismatched floors, the sharp contrasting colours and the aztec patterns, all provide a way of giving your rooms a ‘wow’ factor. 



Popular in smaller rooms of the home, this 2020 flooring trend is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms as an easy method of making a small space engaging. 


Flooring with more pattern and colour through it tends to work better in smaller rooms. This prevents the patterns becoming overwhelming on the eye. Don’t worry - if you were thinking of transforming a larger space, patterns that don’t appear as “busy” still look amazing in larger spaces. 


Get eccentric with fun flooring patterns with this summer interior trend.


Beach House


With all the summer feels, holiday desires soon set in and we want to be walking barefoot on the sand under a tropical sunset. While that is possible, and offers a brief moment of escape, why not go the extra mile and bring that holiday beach vibe, to you?


Summer home décor - light and airy beach house


Introducing those white tones through furnishings, floorings and accessories, helps to freshen up your home and create a light and airy feel associated with being at the beach. 


Going for white or light grey flooring can help with light reflections around the room, making it feel larger in size and a more space to be in. 


Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re on holiday all summer long?

Flooring to Compliment This Trend


Villa Gala Oak White Laminate Venice Whitewashed Oak LVT Vintage Chateau Herringbone White Chestnut Laminate
Villa Gala Oak White Laminate Venice Whitewashed oak LVT flooring vintage chateau herringbone laminate
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Pops of colour


Noticed those bright and summery colours coming into play? The oranges and the yellows that are used in furnishing like pillows, a feature wall or a rug to embellish your home.


They look great, don’t they?


That’s because their bright nature makes a bold statement in any room. This is especially true when coupled with softer coloured furnishings such as grey sofas, or floors. 


Summer home décor - Room with yellow feature wall


This summer home décor trend is SO easy to accomplish as it can be created through the addition of a few bright pillows and furnishings, to add that touch of colour. For this reason, this has become a popular trend this summer!

Flooring to Compliment This Trend


Luxury Silk Grey Oak Solid Wood Farmhouse Grey Laminate Mayfair Pearl Oak Engineered Wood
Summer interior trends - Luxury Silk grey oak solid wood flooring Summer interior trends - Farmhouse Grey Laminate Flooring Summer interior trends - Mayfair Pearl Oak river Engineered wood

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Make a bold statement in your room with a touch of colour!


Pattern on Pattern


You know that popular saying “less is more”, well not with this summer home décor idea. Dramatic is the new simple when it comes to standards for this summer!


Summer home décor - Room filled with patterns

Patterns upon patterns is what is gripping the attention in the world of interior design this summer. Add more depth and textures to your rooms with patterned wallpaper, flooring and furnishings. Too much is never enough with this latest summer home décor trend.


Flooring to Compliment This Trend


Milano Click Black Slate LVT Valencia Tile Retro Light Florence Tile Palazzo Slate 
Summer interior trends - Black Slate LVT flooring Summer interior trends - Patterned tile flooring Summer interior trends - Florence tile patterned flooring

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For summer 2020 typical just isn’t enough. Wallpaper and a one colour painted wall just won’t suffice when it comes to this trend. 


Have you been seeing a spiral in, well… Spirals? Dots? Diamond patterns and multicoloured triangles? Don’t be concerned. You’re not crazy.


But these patterns are. With this new summer interior trend, anything goes! 

Geometric patterned wall summer home décor


With unique patterns on the wall drawing the focus, and a contrasting floor, your space is sure to stand out this summer, being a talking point for those gatherings. 



Black is the new Black 


You heard us! Black has looped back around and is making quite the impression. 


With its versatility in contrasting with an array of colours and styles, this trend allows for bold statements to be incorporated in standing out against black walls and dark tone. 


Compliment a black room with any white or bright coloured furnishing or light coloured flooring, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the visual appeal created by the juxtaposing tones accentuating your home. 

Summer home décor - Room with black feature wall

This look can be achieved with dark paint or wallpaper, followed by the incorporation of a lighter colour. Why not try a feature wall on top of the black using white contrasting wall hangings to allure you to the bold statement made in the dark room? Add more depth by introducing a white floor. 


This daring look is easy to create and will bring you bang up to trend in the latest 2020 summer interior trends. 


Feeling inspired?


Like what you see? Good! Because that means you’re already a step in the right direction to being on trend with your summer home décor. 


With some trends offering a timeless aesthetic, you won’t even have to consider whether or not trends will last, and worry about redecorating it again in the near future. 


Have any flooring related questions? Get in touch now and our team of experts will be more than happy to help you with all you need to know.