Top Three Pinterest Picks of the Month

Here at Direct Wood Flooring, we’ve been digging deep into what our customers love. Many of you will keep up-to-date on our Pinterest profile, where we share ideas, industry-leading inspiration and, of course, useful blogs. Furthermore, we’ve decided to share with you, the must-have flooring ranges from the past month as chosen by our followers. Here’s our top Pinterest picks for July.

Strasburg White Smoked Oak

You’ll have seen this product featured on our recent blog as we revealed our brand new range of Engineered Wood Flooring; the stunning Versailles Parquet Tiles. Whilst this range comes in four different colours, the Strasburg White Smoked Oak is proving most popular.

Inspired by traditional French parquet, the Versailles pattern is most at home in traditional décor. It hold a certain charm that’s difficult to replicate with either herringbone or chevron parquet. Each tile features an 11mm plywood core, with a 4mm brushed and oiled top layer. This combination provides the perfect mix between beauty and durability, meaning it’s perfect for busy living spaces or commercial properties. All the while, looking beautiful throughout. Plus, it’s covered by our lifetime platinum warranty. No wonder it’s so popular!

Loft Dark Grey Laminate Flooring

This one didn’t come as a surprise to us. As one of our best sellers, we were fairly certain that this laminate would appear high in the Pinterest ranks. We’ve covered the rising popularity of grey wood flooring before, and our Loft Dark Grey is a stunning alternative to its solid wood counterpart.

There are many benefits to choosing Laminate Flooring. The range of styles is vast, and it’s cost-effective if you’re looking to redecorate on a budget. Our Loft Dark Grey is made from premium quality high density fibreboard (HDF), and comes with an AC3 rating, hence it’s the perfect choice for busy family homes. Light and dark grain patterns authentically replicate real wood’s organic marking and flowing lines. Grey colours make for a contemporary floor that’s evenly matched in its beauty and longevity.

Marylebone Chantilly Lace Oak

Another new range of Engineered Wood Flooring, the Marylebone Chantilly Lace Oak has seen a huge spike in activity across Pinterest. Our Marylebone Engineered Wood Flooring is the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics. An eclectic range of colours complements a stunning herringbone design, with the added desirability of engineered wood.

The Chantilly Lace Oak boasts creamy hues and light beige undertones to create a strikingly beautiful wood flooring. Authentic grain patterns do even more to accentuate cool blonde tones, which are perfect for either modern or traditional interiors. The herringbone design is one that’s seeing increased popularity within home décor, but you can still lay this flooring in a classic, uniform style if you prefer a more traditional look. Whichever you choose, the quality of this wood flooring shines through and is sure to make a statement.

If you’re looking for new ideas for your home, or are looking for insider tips on the next big trends, make sure to follow Direct Wood Flooring on Pinterest to stay up to date. If any of our top picks have caught your eye and you’d like to know more, get in touch by calling 03333 201 933 or email [email protected].